24 goldRecently I’ve been trying out a lot of skincare products. Some I’ve loved, some not so much. I’ve also been trying out a few brands I’ve never heard of before, I love discovering new brands and the most recent brand to enter my life is Bio-Essence. Bio-Essence is exclusive to Superdrug and I believe I’m one of the first to try the new 24K Bio-Gold Capsule Collection, which is very exciting.

This collection is infused with gold, 24K Gold. I want to really emphasise the 24K part because this is actually the softest and most malleable metal, and therefore it can be made into flakes which you will be able to see in some of these products. Gold has actually been used in skin care for centuries now and many different types of beauty regimens, such as those of Ancient Egypt, and even in the dynasties of Ancient China. It has anti ageing qualities which I was delighted to hear because I’m not getting any younger and I need all the help I can get! 

There are 4 steps to follow day and night for glowing skin, let me talk you through each step and product.

cleanser goldCleanse using the 24K Bio-Gold Skin Awakening Cleanser (£6.99): This really refreshes the dull skin in the morning and when applied it lathers in to a rich, fine foam. It gently cleanses away oil accumulated overnight without stripping the skin of its moisture. In the evening I have been using the 24K Bio-Gold Skin Radiance Night Cleanser (£12.99), this gold liquid is a little more lightweight to the Awakening cleanser. It gently removes my makeup, pollutants and clears away stubborn residue in my pores.

bio-essence gold24K Bio-Gold Gold Water (£16.99): Once the skin is freshly cleansed apply the Gold Water. I was really excited to try this because I could instantly see through the glass bottle lots of the Gold Flakes that promise to improve my skin. It really is as light as water but you do get all of the benefits of a usual serum. The Gold Water is meant to tighten pores, balance sebum, firm and restore a naturally glowing complexion. It absorbs into the skin so quickly and is so hydrating, the gold flecks disappear into the skin and get to work instantly. I couldn’t quite believe how quick my skin absorbed it. You can apply this day and night.

bio-gold Moisturise using the 24K Bio-Gold Day and Night Cream (£23.99 each): These creams are lovely! The day cream is quite a rich cream yet very silky to apply. The formula isn’t greasy in any way and it also includes SPF 25 which is amazing. The night cream is slightly more lightweight and absorbs super fast. What I love about these products is that once they’ve been applied they sink straight into the skin and there is absolutely no sticky residues or tacky feel on the skin. These also have the golden particles which disappear into the skin once applied.

miracle finisher24K Bio- Gold Miracle Finisher (£29.99): The final step is to apply the Miracle Finisher, this basically seals in nutrients and gives a smooth, matte canvas. This makes it the perfect product to apply before makeup because it really does smooth and for those with oily skin I’m sure you will appreciate the matte finish. You all know I love a dewy makeup look but that dew can often turn into a rather greasy and shiny face by the end of the day so it’s nice to have a product that prevents that and still gives me dimension.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the 24K Bio-Gold Collection, I will be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram very tomorrow so head on over and make sure you’re following. @lizaprideaux 

Have you tried any skincare products with gold in them before?

This post is in collaboration with Bio-Essence.

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