sell houseWelcome back to The Home Edit, this is my first official post after my introduction to this new feature on my site and I thought I’d start at the beginning of our moving journey. The house sale. This was something I found really daunting, and super scary but thankfully everything has gone extremely well, we have now exchanged contracts and we move in tomorrow. As you can imagine there are currently boxes everywhere!

sell house

We decided we wanted to move about a year ago now but for a few reasons decided not to move until this Summer. We had spoken to a few people such as estate agents and mortgage advisors around 6 months ago and they advised us to put the house on the market ASAP despite not wanting to move until the Summer. We ignored this advice and put it on the market in April when we felt fully ready and I’m glad we didn’t put it on earlier. Our house sold after the first viewing and had two offers within the first week! What’s our secret to a fast sale? I’ll tell you.

Spruce Up

bathroomSo you’ve decided to put your house on the market. Want to sell quick but house is looking a little shabby? Give the rooms a quick lick of paint, keep things neutral opting for soft whites and greys. This is the best way for the new potential owner to visualise easily how the house would look with their furniture and home touches in it. Garden looking a little overgrown and messy? Give that a little tidy up too, it will only take a weekend to sort that out and you only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure it’s a good one.


Get at least 3 valuations, this is free to do. Make sure you have a price in mind, as this is something they will ask you but don’t give away too much until they’ve given you their thoughts. By getting a few valuations It’s a great way to get to know the estate agent and to get a feel for how they do things. We had a few valuations and ended up going with the first one, not only because it was the highest and closest to our initial thoughts but also because the estate agent was very enthusiastic and excited to possibly be selling our home for us.

It’s good to have someone who can really see the work you’ve put into the house and for them to want to help you sell it fast. After all no one wants to be on the market for long so making sure you get the right estate agent is key. Also always make sure you negotiate the fees, most estate agents will say this isn’t negotiable but we managed to get a good deal in the end, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Presentation Is Everythingkids room house sale

When it comes to buying a home I am quite good at seeing through the decor and the way some people style their rooms. As you know we have fully decorated our current home, and also renovated the kitchen and bathroom. So it was fresh, bright and airy. When you have kids though it’s hard to keep things minimal so when the estate agent came over to take photos I made sure the house was super clean and tidy. We uncluttered the toys, hid toys for the photos so for those without children could really imagine it as their home minus the toys and clutter!

The Viewings

flowers As soon as we had viewings booked I got some fresh flowers in, this made the house smell extra gorgeous and wasn’t too overpowering. We chose to have the estate agent do our viewings, I always prefer this when I look around a house plus they know how much to chat about and really can focus on the main features of the house. If it was me I’d probably chat for hours and forget to show anyone around the actual house so estate agents were definitely the best decision for us.

However if you really feel passionate and want to do the viewings yourself too then you can definitely do that. Make sure you let the viewers get a chance to look around the rooms on their own too. From past experiences I’ve found it super awkward when the owner walks around with you and doesn’t let you look on your own. Mark and I usually like to discuss how each room could work for us, what we’d change and so on whilst walk around the house so it can be a little off-putting if the owner doesn’t give you that space to look around and take that time to imagine and discuss.

Accepting Offers

So you’ve had a viewing and an offer has been made! Don’t accept straight away. If you have other viewings booked let the others look around the house. You may get another offer and you may get more money than you were asking for… this is what happened to us. The lady that put in an offer first asked if all other viewings could be cancelled. We didn’t cancel them, we then got another offer from the other viewer and it the same offer which was the full asking price. The estate agent then did all of the negotiating and we ended up getting more money which has actually ended up paying for our estate agents fees! Result!

soldI hope you found this post helpful, if you are looking to sell your house then Good Luck! It’s all very exciting and rather stressful at the same time but it will be so worth it.

If you have any house selling tips I’d love to hear them.

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