home updateSince getting back from Disney World it’s been rather hectic in the Prideaux Household. House renovations are well underway and Vinny is now at school. It’s so hard to keep up with what I’ve updated you all with because I’m quite active on Instagram because I find it the easiest to chat to you all on there. However I really wanted to just sit down and write to tell you about everything.

I’m currently sat in the living room. Renzo is upstairs sleeping, I have two workmen in here fitting the shutters and all I can hear is noise. So much noise! Which is part of the reason I just haven’t been able to blog as much this month. It’s been so loud, there have been so many people and I have had so much to do that isn’t work related. Not that I can get much done in this house right now which is why I’m feeling so frustrated at the moment.

Anyway, if you’ve been keeping up with my Renovations vlogs then you will know what’s been going on but I’ll give you a quick update now. The kitchen, that’s almost done. The main bathroom is complete, I’m just waiting on a couple of bits to make it all pretty and the ensuite is getting there. We still need to paint the ensuite and the shower still needs to go in but it’s all looking fab.

By the time this goes up the shutters will be up and will be looking absolutely gorgeous. The next room we will be tackling is the lounge. The new fireplace was fitted on Thursday and now that’s done we can redecorate. Oh and the carpets, they get fitted in a couple of weeks. Yep as I said, it’s ALL GOING ON. I literally can’t keep up but thank goodness it’s almost there. Well all the big jobs anyway.

Thankyou for baring with me. And do make sure you head over to my YouTube channel because I’m uploading much more frequently over there and I’m always popping house updates on there so if you like interiors and home stuff then go and subscribe for more.

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