christmas I’m back with another cleaning related post. I’ve been really enjoying posting cleaning routines, speed cleaning videos and cleaning related vlogs. With Christmas around the corner I thought it would be a nice idea to share some tips and tricks on how to keep your home clean and relatively tidy over the festive period.


I do my best to keep my kitchen worktop clear, this not only makes the surfaces look a lot cleaner but it also makes it look less cluttered. I find that when I keep the surfaces clear it stops me from putting things on it and leaving it there, we all know what it’s like. Sometimes I’ll get post and pop it on the side, once I’ve done that the area then it becomes a dumping ground for all things unnecessary and it just makes the whole room look unorganised and messy. So make a really conscious effort to keep things clear.


Challenge yourself each day to just 10 minutes of cleaning. Often when I pop Renzo down for his nap I will take a few minutes just to spruce up the house, usually it’s tidying the toys away, cleaning the kitchen worktops or mopping the floor but trust me you can get quite a lot done in just 10 minutes and it really isn’t a long time at all. Watch my 10 Minute Tidy Up Challenge below to see how I got on tackling the kitchen and lounge.


Finally before you pop up those christmas decorations have a decluttering session. Go through little ones toys to see what you can donate and give away, after all Christmas is on its way and you know the toy box will quickly get filled again. This year I have cleared the lounge to ensure it doesn’t look too cluttered now that the tree is up and everything looks fab. I’m so glad I decluttered before the Christmas madness.

What are your top tips on keeping the house tidy over the festive season?

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  • Emma Jones

    I love this! I think it’s especially important to clean before decorating! This year, we cleaned everything up had the carpet cleaners over before we set up our tree and it’s amazing how much better the house looks and feels. I’m less stressed about the mess of Christmas (I am the only who finds wrapping paper and packaging around the house for days after Christmas?) because the house is clean to being with. Thanks for the tips and videos!