So as you know we are TTC (trying to conceive) baby number 3 at the moment. I filmed an update not too long ago which you can watch here. And something I wanted to go into more detail with is what I’m using this time round to help with our TTC journey. I’ve mentioned that we’re not currently using ovulation kits or anything like that, to be honest with my previous pregnancies I think that stressed me out more. Tracking everything all the time and having to constantly think about the perfect time to test etc.

This time round I really want to stay relaxed as possible and that’s why I’ve chosen to give Ava Women a try. I’m on cycle 2 of wearing my Ava bracelet now and wanted to share my thoughts with you on it so far. Ava is basically like a smart device for fertility, it’s a bracelet that you wear every night for at least 4 hours (I wear mine all night) and each night it collects data to track your cycle. You can use this to track your cycles, when TTC to track your fertility, and even when pregnant too.

What kind of data does it collect? Ava will track your temperature, sleep quality and quantity, physiological stress levels, resting heart rate and more. I have found it really interesting to track my sleep cycle in particular, and also my temperature. Now if you’ve been TTC or have been researching things to do whilst TTC then you may have come across tracking your basal body temperature to figure out when you ovulate. This is something I remember trying with the boys but it didn’t work out for me because when tracking your BBT you have to do your temperatures at the same time each day and I’d always end up forgetting about it which lead to false results. I don’t have to worry about doing anything specific with Ava, it does it for me.

So why am I actually using Ava? I’m using it to find out my most fertile days, this bracelet detects on average around 5 fertile days which is amazing! I used to just wait until my ovulation day which I think many of us do but you do have more than one fertile day so knowing that has really made a difference and definitely makes me feel more relaxed this time round. No ovulation kits, just Ava.

You’ll probably want to know the price of this gadget right? Well it does cost £249 which seems pricey but for me it doesn’t seem too bad. If you add up the costs of ovulation kits, pregnancy tests and everything else you buy when TTC it really does cost quite a bit unless you don’t use OPKs or do anything like that. I’ve been a testing addict in the past so I’m definitely saving money this way. Some ovulation kits are around £38 and if you’re buying those each month it can add up. You have Ava for life and as mentioned you can use this when your pregnant and postpartum when you just want to track your cycles.

I don’t know if Ava works yet, it does say on the website that it can take around 3 months for Ava to really get to know your body. The longer you wear it the more accurate results will be, we are not in a rush to conceive this baby but it will be interesting to see how long it takes using Ava. I will of course keep you updated! Would love to hear your thoughts on the Ava bracelet, is it something you’d use?

In collaboration with Ava Women

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