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Since finding out I was pregnant with baby number three everything has been a bit of a blur. Routines out the window, work all over the place and I’ve just been feeling a little overwhelmed although that may not be something that you have noticed. The one thing that has kept me sane is sticking with my daily skincare routine, my skin has been rather hormonal lately so it’s really important to me that I keep on top of my routine which hasn’t been difficult because it’s so quick and simple.

Time is something that is limited to me as a mother of two but I’ve been using the Olay Daily facials dry cloths for some time now, and it’s the first thing I use when I want to unwind after a busy day. Nothing feels better than clean, fresh skin. I absolutely love taking my makeup off at the end of the day, In fact I sometimes do this mid day too! With the changing weather, and my new pregnancy hormones my skin needs a complete clean to prevent any new breakouts, and Olay Daily Facials do just that. These give my skin a double cleanse whilst removing make-up, cleaning away dirt, oil and impurities. It’s like magic.

What I love about these cleansing cloths is that they’re water activated, so although they come packaged nicely in a box, mess free, with a twist of a tap they’re ready to use. Once you get the cloth wet, you just rub it together to create a moisturising lather and then gently cleanse your face as normal. You can use it around the eyes which I find amazing because I’m usually quite sensitive around the eye area.

The formula of these cloths include natural cacti ingredient, Aloe Vera to help sooth sensitive skin and restore collagen, while healing Grapeseed extract found in the original cloths helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance and prevent acne and ageing. The cloths retail at just £6.99 a pack and you get 30 cloths which I think is great, and really affordable. You can basically enjoy a relaxing facial anywhere with these whether you’ve just finished a gym session and want to freshen up or if your away on a mini break, they really can be used anywhere. I of course use them on my precious nights in, because I don’t get out much but I’d use them anywhere now. 

To be honest my skin has never been clear for longer than a week or two throughout my teenage and adult life and I do suffer with dry patches on my nose and chin. It’s quite frustrating to apply makeup to these areas because foundations and powders often cling to those areas and go patchy. To avoid this I make sure I apply plenty of moisturiser and gently exfoliate using the daily facials cloths, they exfoliate like a gentle scrub and it helps to keep my skin smoother for longer. My skin texture has really improved over the past few weeks and I think it’s down to this routine, it feels soft and moisturised.

How do you feel about the concept of having a daily facial in the comfort of your new home, for the fraction of the price of a salon facial? I feel pretty amazing about it and so does my skin!

You can purchase these at Boots here. 

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