Straightening my hair as a teen was never really an option, I did try those good ol’ steam straighteners when I was in year 9, you know the ones you add water too? And that gave me a straight frizzy do’. But as soon as I discovered GHDs many years later I never really looked back. It’s … Continue Reading

Hello my loves. It’s been a little while since we spoke hair, I’ve been brunette, I’ve been blonde and I’ve been all of the shades in-between, even lilac! But today I want to talk about my current dilemma, do I go for a full head of bleach at my next hair appointment or not? Back when … Continue Reading

My quest to become a blondie again is complete. If you’ve followed me for a while you will know I used to have bleach blonde hair, then went darker, then lighter and so on. I have never been one to stick to one colour for a long time apart from when I was preparing for … Continue Reading