Super speedy review for you today because I actually only tried this product yesterday after buying it in town. I really felt I needed to speak about it as soon as possible. So let’s go! Here’s a review of the NEW Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser. First of all, this sounds like a dream doesn’t … Continue Reading

It’s no secret, I love to tan. I have tried so many tanning products and the first tan I ever used was by St. Tropez, I remember it very well. It was prom season, my cousin and I wanted to look extra bronzed for all of the parties coming up so off we went for … Continue Reading

It’s no secret, I like to tan. Unfortunately I don’t get time to tan naturally these days due to the lack of sun holidays. Lets face it we also don’t get much sun here in the UK. I self tan once a week and in between that I like to use a light or a gradual … Continue Reading