It’s our first Christmas in our new home and I’m so incredibly excited, we’ve already decorated the house and the boys are enjoying every magical moment from switching on the Christmas lights to eating the chocolates off the tree! I really must move those…  This year is a really special Christmas for us, we are finally … Continue Reading

I’ve always loved having a clean and tidy home. Although pretty challenging at times with two boys and a husband, I think we do a pretty good job at keeping the house clean. I do have my own little cleaning routines, those of which I will be sharing on YouTube over the next few months … Continue Reading

Since getting back from Disney World it’s been rather hectic in the Prideaux Household. House renovations are well underway and Vinny is now at school. It’s so hard to keep up with what I’ve updated you all with because I’m quite active on Instagram because I find it the easiest to chat to you all … Continue Reading