Hey guys, hope you are well? Today I want to talk sleeping bags, not the camping type but the baby type of course. We started using sleeping bags when Renzo was probably a couple of months old, I have just found them to be absolutely ideal and I really wanted him to get used to … Continue Reading

Renzo is 11 months old, almost one. He has four teeth and two on the way and he started teething at around 7 months (it can start before, usually at around 6 months). I have to admit, one of the things I was dreading the most about having another baby was the teething and lack of … Continue Reading

I love to save money. Dare I say it I’ve become a little stingy since having the children which is something I never thought I’d say. Don’t get me wrong they definitely don’t miss out on anything In fact they are probably a little spoilt but hey if you can’t spoil them now then when will you. … Continue Reading