I love to save money. Dare I say it I’ve become a little stingy since having the children which is something I never thought I’d say. Don’t get me wrong they definitely don’t miss out on anything In fact they are probably a little spoilt but hey if you can’t spoil them now then when will you. … Continue Reading

Back when I was a teen I used to always say “I wish you could just choose to have a c-section, I would definitely choose to have one”. Oh my how naive I was, I thought that by having a section you’d be pretty pain-free and end up with a stomach as flat as Victoria … Continue Reading

Something I was asked a lot from my midwifes whilst pregnant with the boys was “Are you doing your Kegals?”… Yes, yes I’d nod to them each and every time. Now please tell me I’m not the only one nodding yes to these ladies but inside nodding no, not really… I haven’t had time, I haven’t … Continue Reading