I can’t quite believe that my little Vinny starts school in September. I’m pretty nervous about it to be honest because Vinny went to a different preschool to the one he is starting at. He has been to a few taster sessions and he seems very happy so I am excited for him to start but again … Continue Reading

When moving into our new home we knew we had a little project on our hands. I say little, we are redecorating every room. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms plus refurnishing pretty much every room….. This could get very expensive! We knew when moving we wanted to make this the perfect family home, thinking about … Continue Reading

OK so we are a week into August already and what a busy month July was! It’s been a bit of a crazy month but I’ll tell you what. August and September are even busier. If you missed my announcement on Instagram, we are going to Walt Disney World at the end of the month … Continue Reading