I’m quite basic when it comes to styling my hair, it’s either straight, natural or I go for waves which is my favourite and my go-to when I want to feel a little bit sassy. I’ve done a few demos on how I curl my hair and I recently did one on my Instagram stories … Continue Reading

Something I get asked a lot is “How do you find the time to do your makeup and look so fresh all the time”. As you guys know it’s not all plain sailing when you have children and it usually takes me quite some time to get ready in the morning. Especially with both boys … Continue Reading

Ah the Christmas table setting, not something I’ve paid much attention to over the years but something I wanted to make more effort with this year.¬†For the past few years since Vinny was born we’ve had Christmas at our house, this year Mark and I are cooking and I wanted to create a really nice … Continue Reading