OK so we are a week into August already and what a busy month July was! It’s been a bit of a crazy month but I’ll tell you what. August and September are even busier. If you missed my announcement on Instagram, we are going to Walt Disney World at the end of the month … Continue Reading

Put your hands up if you wish you had more time to take care of your skin… If you just put your hands up then you may want to read this post. I’m a mother, I work from home and I’m also a housewife which means time for myself is pretty limited. We’ve also just … Continue Reading

Recently I’ve been trying out a lot of skincare products. Some I’ve loved, some not so much. I’ve also been trying out a few brands I’ve never heard of before, I love discovering new brands and the most recent brand to enter my life is Bio-Essence. Bio-Essence is exclusive to Superdrug and I believe I’m … Continue Reading