Baby Bjorn Carrier ONE Review

Baby Carrier One RRP £119.99*

BabyBjorn is becoming one of my favourite baby brands, we have the BabyBjorn Highchair and Original Carrier and let me tell you we have used them to death! Last April I reviewed the BabyBjorn Original carrier, we loved it then and we still love it now however Vinny has pretty much outgrown it and is starting to look a little big for it as it only goes up to around 12 months. We have been using it up until we received the new BabyBjorn Carrier One. This carrier has been designed to be used from newborn until 3 years old which is absolutely amazing and considering it’s only approximately £40 more you can’t really complain. The use we have got out of these carriers really makes it worth while, we use it for quick trips to the shop, popping around town and walks. I recently stopped holding Vinny in the original carrier because it didn’t provide quite enough support for the weight of Vinny, but Mark used it and he was absolutely fine. Men muscles! 

I’m so glad I can now hold Vinny in this carrier, it has extra straps and support making it much more comfortable for me and I can now easily walk around with Vinny on my front or back. Speaking of straps, for maximum comfort there are extra padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to relieve pressure. The unique buckles make a clicking noise when they are secure so you don’t have to worry they aren’t locked securely, and you have no doubt when they are closed. I love that you can easily slip the carrier on over your head, no need to fuss around, it’s super quick and easy to use.

There is a 4 way front and back carrying feature; Optimal Newborn Position, Inward-facing, Outward-facing, Back Carrying. You can begin by using the carrier when your child is newborn from 8lbs and 22 inches long, preparing the carrier for the newborn setting is simple and inside the carrier there is a zipper which adjusts the length of the carrier. The setting you’d need for newborn is the shortest setting but it’s clearly stated on the label, you’d then need to locate the leg zippers and ensure those are unzipped which is the ‘normal’ position. The newborn position is such a great feature because I remember the Original carrier could only be used from 3 months, this holds baby close and lets you get on with jobs around the house if needs be. We have all been there when your trying to get some cleaning done but baby just wants to be held, having this extra feature is amazing for new mums.

The Inward-Facing position has been ergonomically designed for both you and your baby, and you can start to use this when you baby is 27 inches long. Again you just need to adjust the inner zipper to  ‘baby/toddler’ height, zip the legs to ‘wide leg’ position and your ready to go.

Once baby is around 5 months old you are ready to use this carrier in the outward-facing position, just need to quickly pop the head support flap down and little one can see the world. This is my favourite position because baby can really have a good look around, Vinny enjoys this position the most and again it’s super easy to use.

Last but not least is the back carry, this can be used from 12 months, Vinny isn’t quite 12 months yet but for his 1st birthday we intend to take him to the Zoo so we can’t wait to try it out and see what he thinks of it. To pop it into the back carry position you just need to prepare the carrier as you would the inward facing position with the zipper on baby/toddler mode and the leg zippers set to the wide leg position. It all probably sounds a little confusing but once you’ve got the carrier in front of you it will all seem clear and easy again. It really is so simple and I love it.

Overall we are absolutely loving the BabyBjorn One Carrier, it’s perfect in every way and I really don’t see how they could improve it because it already features everything we need in a carrier. Also available to buy is a Bib for the Carrier one, this would come in really handy and would give you less  need to wash the carrier itself as often what a great idea!

For those worried about the safety of this Carrier BabyBjorn One is following the recommendation of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute in order to secure an appropriate position of the baby.

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