Cath Kidston Inspired Nails | Tutorial

Cath Kidston inspired nails… I have been lusting after these for so long and finally plucked up the courage to try it out. I always thought it looked a little complex with all those colours and waiting for each nail to dry but this took me around an hour from start to finish and that includes taking blog photos in between so not bad really. My secret? Rimmel London Polishes! These babies have been amazing, the dry time is the quickest ever and I am even considering doing every nail in the floral design next time round! I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I’d love to know what you think of my first attempt at Cath Kidston nails!

Step 1- Choose your base colour and paint each nail. I used Rimmel London 60 Second Polish in the shade Mind The Gap, Victoria, seriously this polish is so fab it literally dries in 60 seconds or even less I’d say and no smudges so off to the next step we go!

Step 2- Now to start the floral design, Dab on with your brush some flower shaped blobs using a lighter shade. I have used Rimmel London 60 Seconds Polish in the shade┬áRing A Ring O’ Roses. Don’t worry about being too neat but if you feel you need a little more control you can use a cocktail stick.

Step 3- Now to make the flower look more like a flower, add a darker shade of the colour you originally used to create shadows and definition I used the tip of a nail pen for this and just swirled it around slightly to mix it with the first baby pink colour we used for the flower. The polish I used for this was Rimmel Salon Pro in You Had Me At Hello.

Step 4- Using a pretty mint green colour Its time to add some leaves, I have just used the one colour for the leaves but you could also use a slightly darker green and use the same method we did in step 3 to create a little more dimension. To create the leaves I used the nail art pen again and dotted carefully to create leaf shapes. The shade I used for this was Rimmel Salon Pro in Peppermint.

Step 5– I didn’t create a pictorial for the other nails but all I did was use the same colours as the floral nail and created some simple designs using my nail art pen; Polka dot and stripes. Don’t worry about being too precise, It just adds to the shabby chic look we are going for.

Step 6- To give your nails a smooth and shiny finish add a top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial girls, I can’t wait to get colourful this Spring/Summer and create some more designs! Do let me know if you’d like to see more nail tutorials as I really enjoyed creating this for you.

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