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PacaPod Picos Pack in Denim Style RRP £85*
So my obsession for bags is increasingly becoming a problem but this one isn’t for me, the other day on Twitter out of pure interest I asked if anyone knew if a man changing bag in the style of a backpack existed and to my delight I was then left with a reply from PacaPod and a link to their Picos Pack. It was like my mind had been read, it was exactly what I imagined. PacaPod asked me if I wanted to try one and of course I jumped at the chance, I wanted this sort of bag not for myself but for my dear husband. After getting more of a girly changing bag recently he has become a little more reluctant when I give him the bag to hold so what better way to have him hold everything than to have his own man bag! On days out before having Vinny Mark always said, ‘Oh I wish I had a backpack so we could pack lunch, drinks ect’ after requesting this I did buy him a backpack and it was very handy on days out there after but now we have Vinny I must admit it’s a little small for all the things we have and there’s nowhere to put everything properly, I like to be organised and know where everything is. 

The Picos Pack is not only stylish but also holds everything we need in a very organised manor without looking like a changing bag. Let’s start with the design, yes yes it looks like a rucksack what more can be included? Well you see that front zip there, it’s the perfect little home for your phone, wallet and keys. There are three compartments within that zip that are large enough for all of those things making them easy to find and reach for. There’s nothing worse than losing your keys at the bottom of your never ending bag.
Now lets go inside, inside your welcomed with two unique Feeder and Changer Pods and a change mat. The Changer Pod includes a small zip bag that you can use for dirty or small items you don’t want to lose i.e. dummies, hair clips. This changer pod also has compartments for nappies, wipes and all essentials you would need for changing baby. Next up is the Feeder Pod, it has a fully insulated inner, holds up to 4 bottles and keeps warm for up to 3 hours, plus additional detachable insulated bottle cover. The Pods are both removable and can be attached to the pram, then you can use the bag separately is you wish. 
Comfort? This is a super comfortable bag and light weight too. You’d imagine that with all the things you need to carry around that it would be super heavy but it’s not too bad plus the padded straps and chest harness make you feel supported and comfortable. Another great aspect of this bag is the air flow back panel, if your baby wearing you can just imagine how hot it can get so you don’t need that extra heat on your back too. This stays cool, comfortable and is the perfect bag if you love the convenience of carrying a backpack. 
Overall we really love the Picos Pack and we can’t wait to use it again when we go on our weekend away for Vinnys Birthday, Daddy can definitely hold the snacks that day! 

Have you thought of getting a mens changing bag for your partner or is he happy holding yours? 

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