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Hi guys so I wanted to update you all on my thoughts on the Stokke Crusi you may remember my First Impressions post and I have been trying it out for a few months now. I promised I would get back to you on how we were getting on so here we are today.

First of all we have really enjoyed using the Crusi, a few main factors have really stood out for me. Lets start with a few of the things that worried me originally, I did mention the weight of the Crusi was heavier than the Bugaboo we originally owned. My thoughts are still the same however I don’t find this to be a problem because of how easy it is to use and push around. I still find it so much easier to put up and down compared to the Bugaboo and I feel at ease now when I have to go out on my own with Vinny and don’t have to worry about assembling it on my own when in a rush.
Seat position is another positive for me, the three adjustable postions allow Vinny to sleep, rest and sit up to see the world and being so high up makes it much easier for us to bond and be close. The size of the seat is also much more comfortable for Vinny being slightly wider and longer, he really enjoys being in there and doesn’t complain like he did with the Bugaboo where he seemed a little more cramped. Even the straps are easier to fasten and adjust which sounds like a simple thing but when you have a grumpy baby the ease of it makes it less stressful and quicker to manage.
One of my favourite things about the Crusi compared to the Bugaboo is the size of the shopping basket, this has been a lifesaver and has made it so much easier when shopping alone. The basket is easier to access and so spacious, it really is one of my favourite parts of the Crusi. If you are considering a pram with a small basket don’t go there, hanging lots of bags of the handle bars become annoying and the small basket will also become a pain too.
The footmuff has been amazing this winter, I particularly adore the fact that it zips up to reveal a hood for extra warmth, this is something I hadn’t spotted before and it has been a really great aspect of the foot muff. I have had so many compliments and comments on how comfy and cosy Vinny looks and I agree he is as snug as a bug in there.
Overall we have really enjoyed using the Crusi and still prefer it to the Bugaboo, we will continue to use it and look forward to using it as a double when we have our next baby.
Have you decided on what pram you want yet? Were you struggling on deciding between a Bugaboo and Stokke? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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