Clinique Cheek Pop Blushers | Spring 2014

Clinique Cheek Pop Blushers | Ginger Pop, Peach Pop, Berry Pop & Plum Pop RRP £16.50 Each*
Let me introduce to you the one, the only.. Cheek Pop, the latest blush collection by Clinique and a must have for all blusher addicts. I have found myself more and more recently being unable to finish my make-up look without wearing a blush so these little babies are the perfect pop for my vastly growing blush collection. I have to admit the shades appear rather bright and scary when you first look at them even though they look gorgeous in the cute daisy designed packaging they may seem a little daunting to some people including myself. 
As soon as I tried the first blush I was sold, the colour definitely doesn’t apply as vibrant as it looks in the pan but it is buildable and what I love most is that the more you apply the more beautiful it gets. Each layer you apply goes on subtlety adding more and more colour without looking overpowering and if you feel like you have overdone it a little which I find hard to believe you will with these you can just go over it with your powder brush and it just reduces the pigment slightly. You may worry it’s going to take it away too much blush and make it go blotchy ruining your make up but it doesn’t, it really surprised me, I wanted to really test it by applying more and more then taking it away with a brush and honestly it’s the best formula I have ever used so easy to work with and just a joy to apply. The finish of these blushes are a beautiful satin finish that last all day long and give such a natural ‘just-pinched’ look. Simply stunning. 
Overall I am absolutely loving these blushers, my favourite is the one I am wearing in the image above and that is 04 Plum Pop which is actually a surprise for me because I tend to opt for more peachy/coral hues but this is just gorgeous and perfect for Summer! 
Have you tried the Clinique Cheek Pop Blushers yet? I’d highly recommend giving them a go, they are easy to control and each shade is so gorgeous.

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