Crownbrush | 626 Studio Pro Brush Set

Lately I have had so many questions about my favourite brushes I have been thinking about what I use most and since receiving this fab set I have de cluttered my old brush collection and narrowed it down to these beauties plus a few others which I will share with you in another post, agh my life feels so much more organised now. As you all know I am a huge fan of Crownbrush and have been ever since I tried the brand last Summer and today I want to introduce to you the Brand new 626 Studio Pro brush set, this set has every Crownbrush best seller including both face and eye brushes all of which are essentials in my kit and if your looking for the perfect set that has it all then this is for you. I remember before blogging only ever using a few brushes and most were gifts at Christmas in make-up sets and didn’t really work at all but ever since blogging and finding out about different ways to apply make-up I don’t quite know how I lasted so long not using brushes, I’m not saying they are essential for every day but on a day to day basis I always use a powder brush, blush brush and some sort of foundation brush… all of these are included in the 626 set and more so lets get started and I will tell you what you can get and why they will be fab for you, this set also comes in a fabulous leatherine brush wrap and each brush has been wonderfully designed with black wooden handles and silver ferrules. 

Duo Fibre Large Face Brush
This brush is made from both natural (goat) and synthetic fibre, it is perfect for light weight foundation application and it’s great for blending. I like to use this to blend my contour out and I also love it to blend out any harsh lines I may have if I have over contoured with powder or used too much blush, it helps takes away any harshness your left with if you have used too much product.

Large Powder Dome Brush | Small Powder Brush | Angle Blush
The large powder dome brush has been made from sable and goat, I use it for powder application and also bronzer when I want to really bronze up my face when I want a precise powder application I reach for the small powder brush, it is my go-to brush for bronzer application, highlighter and blush. The size gives you full control and it’s great for powder touch ups too. I love to use the angle blush brush to contour, it’s small enough to chisel those cheek bones and really get that Kimmy K look. It’s also a great brush for highlighting and blusher ofcourse.

Pointed Flat Foundation Brush
This brush has been made from super soft synthetic bristles making it really easy to work with liquid foundations. I also like to use it with my Crownbrush 10 colour concealer palette to contour, the shape of the brush really helps me to get a precise contour and allows me to contour smaller parts of my face which I’d usually opt for a smaller brush, instead I can use this for the whole application.

Small Round Applicator | Pro Blending Crease | Pro Blending Fluff | Precision Pencil
Now for the four eye brushes, pretty much all you need for a flawless eye look. The small round applicator is perfect for applying eye primer, cream eye shadows and or concealer. You then have the pro blending crease which is a favourite of mine for really blending out your shadow, it’s also small enough to apply eye shadow to the lid. The pro blending fluff is slightly larger and has been made with natural hair bristles from goat and sable this is an all rounder brush and can be used for blending, buffing and application to the crease or lid. Finally we have the precision pencil, I love this little brush it’s perfect for smudging out a kohl pencil which adds some definition to the eye and it’s also great for applying shadows on the lower lash line to create a smokey eye.

Liner Brush | Angle Liner
Let’s get to the technical part which we all hate doing, the liner! This liner brush is great for the application of gel and liquid eye liners, it’s the perfect size to create either a really thin line or to build it up to a winged liner. I love that you have a lot of control with this brush, it’s not too long which in the past I have found a problem with other liner brushes.

The angle liner is something I would never have thought I needed until recently, I have recently been using more and more powders to fill my brows and I even feel like venturing out into cream brow products. This is the perfect brush to get that polished look we all lust for with brows and it’s a must have in my daily routine as there isn’t a day I don’t do my brows any more. Lastly you can use this brush as a lip brush too, the angled edge works well with lipstick application helping you get that perfect line.

I hope this has helped you ladies that have been asking about my favourite brushes, if your looking for a beginners brush set or just need some new brushes then I’d highly recommend you get this kit and the best thing is it’s just  £39.99, a fab price for all those brushes you get.

Click here to visit Crownbrush, this set will be on sale within the next couple of days so keep an eye out for it. 

If you could have just one brush for the rest of your life what would it be?

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