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Lately I haven’t been able to stick to just one tan, I have been tanning more regularly but I have discovered quite a few favourites some of which I have spoken about before on here and others I have not. I get asked a lot what tan I use and what are my favourites so I thought I’d give you a little update today. 

My most recent favourite tan is the Flawless Darker tan by Fake Bake. I haven’t really used many Fake Bake products in the past despite being recommended it numerous times so I was excited to give this a try as I have recently discovered a love for spray type self tans. Ofcourse I love a dark tan so the fact that this is the darker version is fabulous, the guide colour is a red/brown which looks like you’ve just caught the sun but once washed off your left with a gorgeous dark tan that looks so natural and I also have to mention the gorgeous tropical scent you get once applied. It smells like holiday which I adore! 

Laurens Way Darker than Dark Glam Tan RRP £19.95*
This again is a spray tan and I find it very easy to apply, the guide colour is dark so it’s easy to see resulting in a even flawless application. This has to be one of the darkest tans I own apart from Xen Tan Moroccan tan which is a favourite of mine when I want a really dark tan, that has to be the darkest I own but I find the application a little annoying because it dries a little too quick so I tend to opt for LW instead when I want an uber dark tan these days. 

I turn to Vita Liberata self tan gel when I fancy something a little lighter, I adore the formula of this product. With this tan being a gel I find it super moisturising on my skin and I love to use it when my skin is a little drier than normal. It glides on beautifully and because it is tinted you have an easy guide colour to work with, the end result is super natural. I’d recommend this if your looking for a natural tan that is easy to apply and feels gorgeous on the skin. 
Last but not least we have the bargain of the bunch and what a fabulous little buy it is. The pink packaging is just perfect for me, what a great bottle and I must say it does stand out on my dressing table. This tan is a mousse, I find mousses go such a long way you literally need the tiniest amount. It comes out like whipped cream, super smooth and goes on like a dream. This is the tan I go to if I have any last minute plans that I need to be bronzed for because as you can see by the name it takes just one hour to develop! It really does take just one hour but I like to leave it on a little longer and on some occasions have left it over night. I wouldn’t say this is a dark tan, I’d say it is perfect for light to medium skin tones but overall a fantastic tan and a fabulous price. 
I hope you enjoyed my most loved tans of the moment, I’d love to know what your favourite tan is right now and why?

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