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Hello my loves, well mothers day is fast approaching and I can’t believe it will be my second one! On mothers day last year we brought Vinny home from the hospital so it was quite an emotional one and I didn’t really get to enjoy it being in lots of pain with my C-section and so tired I also didn’t get to buy anything for my own mum or even had time to think about getting her anything so this year I’d like to make it a bit more special for us both. Now I am not the best cook, in fact I am terrible nor do I ever bake so today I thought I’d share with you a nice yummy recipe that you can make easily and there’s no need to bake! 

I have always been a fan of Rocky Road cakes, I love the mini pots of them that you can buy at M&S and we regularly buy them so whilst eating one the other day I thought why not make my own I mean it looks simple enough right? No need to be neat and tidy, just chuck everything together and your pretty much done. Even though I thought it would be that simple I still searched online to make sure I wasn’t missing anything out and I came across the Baking Mad website, which is a fabulous site with loads of recipes and how to’s. I found the Rocky Road recipe and directions and away I went, it was super easy so let me tell you how I did it. 
Ingredients used
Silverspoon Baking Chocolate*
Silverspoon Dark Chocolate Chips*
Mini Marshmallows
Chocolate Digestives
Golden Syrup

Step 1 Firstly I broke up the baking chocolate into a microwavable bowl, added some butter and some golden syrup and popped into the microwave for a couple of minutes to melt

Step 2 Whilst the chocolate was melting I started to prepare what was going to go in my rocky road cake by crushing up some chocolate digestive biscuits then added mini marshmallows, raisins and chocolate chips

Step 3 I then mixed the ingredients from step 1 and 2 together

Step 4 I lined the baking try with non stick baking paper and added the mixed up rocky road ingredients, distributing it evenly
Step 5 Popped the tray into the Fridge to set for a couple of hours

Step 6 Took the tray out and sliced the cake into fingers and hey presto, yummy rocky road cake! 
It really was as simple as that, so if your like me and can’t bake and find it a little daunting I’d highly recommend giving this a go, they look pretty impressive and I’m sure mum will love them. I mean who doesn’t like chocolate! I hope you enjoyed this food post from me, if you’d like to see more from someone that can’t cook and you’d like to follow me on my domestic goddess journey do let me know and I’ll see what else I can rustle up!
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