Katherine Daniels Cosmetics | Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make-Up Remover

Trying to look after my skin a bit more lately means I have to say no to the make-up wipes every now and then. I will admit a majority of the time I will use them and a couple of my make-up artist friends did gasp when I said but being a mum on the go really does limit my time and when it comes to the end of the night I just want to get my make-up off quick and get into bed. Recently I was introduced to Katherine Daneils Cosmetics and I have been trying out the Micellar Face & Eye Make-Up Remover which instantly looks gorgeous and rather chic. The packaging really stood out for me and I’ve never seen a Micellar solution presented like this before however I may as well get the negative bit out the way first, although this looks great the pump down dispenser distributes way too much product with no control whatsoever. 
The product itself is gentle on the skin and does remove all make-up rather easily, I simply dampen two cotton pads with the Micellar water and place over my eyelids for 20-30 seconds then wipe away. It works really well on stubborn make-up and doesn’t feel harsh on the skin at all, I have noticed my skin being a lot more sensitive these days but I’m glad to say this product worked well and didn’t irritate my skin at all I think that may be because of the cornflower water ingredient which is traditionally used to reduce inflammation and irritation of the eyes. 
Overall this is a lovely product that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, if you have rather sensitive skin then I highly recommend you giving this natural product a go.
Check out Katherine Daniels Cosmetics here. 
Whats your favourite Micellar Solution?  
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