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Warning this is going to be a picture heavy post! Today we are talking photography, in case you didn’t know it’s something I have really grown fond of since beginning my blog and I continually try my best to improve in any way possible. I recently bought some new lighting and I even have a new Vlogging camera on it’s way because I really fancy creating some vlogs whilst out and about. 
One of my new years resolutions was to take more photos of my family, particularly my little cherub you see in all of these photos. I adore taking pictures of Vinny even though he is a little rascal most of the time and won’t stay still, or when he smiles my camera is to slow to catch it. Photography problems. Wanting to take more photos of him and wanting some more backgrounds and places to take product photos I decided to look for backdrops, very professional indeed and I found out rather pricey too until I came across Ella Bella Photography Backdrops* on Amazon for just £9.99 Each!
This range of backdrops has been created for amateur and professional photographers, they are inexpensive and perfect for newborn, children and product photography which is exactly what I wanted. The range consists of six designs; Vintage Wood, Classic Damask, Dots- Soft Pink, Dots- Baby Blue, White Washed Wood and Multi-coloured dots. I have four from the range and they are fab, the quality of the colour and pattern is great up close. The design is printed on a 50lb paper roll, the paper is a little thinner than I expected so does crease and mark very easily but I will be just setting them up in my spare room once it has been decorated and won’t need to move or mess around with them too much. 
This is how I set it up, very amateur indeed but for what I wanted I didn’t need any other equipment. I used two dining room chairs and hung the roll over it distributing the amount I needed and hey presto ready to snap away! 
As you can see little Vin was a little bored come the end of the photo shoot but he was a trooper bless him, he currently has a chest infection and hasn’t been too well the poor little sausage!
Overall I am absolutely loving Ella Bella Photography Backdrops, keep an eye out on my YouTube channel because I they will be making an appearance, they are the perfect way to jazz up a boring background and Ideal for product photos so If that’s something you’ve been thinking about lately I’d recommend checking these out. You can by each roll separate or in packs of four, I really hope they bring out some more designs and colours soon because I’d love to get some bright funky backgrounds for fashion posts and YouTube backdrops. 
Check out Ella Bella Photography Backdrops Facebook page to see more amazing images created with these backdrops, some of them are so clever!
What do you think? Something you’d consider buying?

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