The Body Shop | Colour Crush Shine Lipstick

We are all swapping our deep berry tones for coral and pink hues now Summer is on it’s way and I have just found my ultimate day lippy, I just had to share it with you all. Let me tell you the story behind this find because I was very lucky to have been sent it as a gift, as I mentioned this month I bought a vlogging camera and I actually bought it second hand off another blogger, with it being second hand she just needed to find the charger which meant it took a few days longer to get to me not that I minded at all as I was just excited that I had bought it but because the lovely lady thought it had been a while she also sent me some beauty treats and this was one of the items included. Bloggers always know the way to another bloggers heart and wow she got me! 

The Colour Crush Shine collection by The Body Shop comes in 10 different shades all of which give a fresh pop of colour and conditions the lips beautifully. The moisture-rich lipstick is infused with a fresh rose scent that isn’t too noticeable but a lovely touch and the overall finish of these lipsticks are beautiful, sheer yet buildable. 

I was actually expecting the shade to be quite vibrant and wasn’t sure it would suit me so almost popped it in my lipstick draw with all my other lipsticks but something told me to open and give it a swatch, man I’m glad I did! I instantly fell in love with this succulent watermelon shade, it glided on a dream and felt like soft butter once applied to my lips. I have worn it everyday since I received it and it is already a staple in my summer lipstick collection, I now need to go check out the rest from this collection asap. The wear time isn’t amazing but it’s one of those lipsticks that’s so easy to apply without needing to look in the mirror I don’t mind, plus it’s a pleasure to apply. The shade itself as I mentioned is a sort of watermelon pink, with a hint of coral and wow it just looks stunning. Can you tell I like it? Honestly if you like a sheer lipstick that gives your lips that ‘your lips but better’ look and feel then this is definitely one to try. 
Have you got any shades from the Colour Crush collection? I’d love to know if you have!
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