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Bourjois Instant Dry RRP £5.99* | Bourjois Nail Polish Remover Hands & Feet RRP £5.99* 

I’m about to make a pretty bold statement here, Bourjois is my favourite High Street beauty brand I just can’t get enough of their products they continuously bring out clever little inventions and fabulous pretty products. The latest added to the Bourjois family is the Instant Dy Nail Drops, before this I had become rather attached to the infamous Seche Vite nail polish, not for the lasting power but for the super quick dry time but Bourjois have come out with something even more clever. These nail drops not only dry your nails really fast but the oil also nourishes them too giving you a mini manicure with one little drop, simply apply a drop to each nail after your final coat of polish is applied and watch the magic happen. 

I have to admit when I first tried the Instant Dry Drops I was a little confused, I didn’t see how the oily liquid would help to dry my nails quicker and I was also scared to touch them because I didn’t want to ruin my fresh manicure but I took the risk and even though I could still feel the oily residue, my nails were dry. Very impressive stuff I must say, my nails now dry quick and my cuticles feel soft too I feel like I’ve been to the nail salon with my new snazzy nail oil. 
Next up we have their brand new 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover, when I bought the original version I remember thinking how genius it was until I dipped my toe in it to leave a lovely nail varnish remover puddle beneath me on my cream carpets… I continued to use it on my finger nails but I was longing for them to come out with something that would help my tootsies too, I even remember tweeting them when I had bought it saying something must be done and I believe a lot of ladies were thinking the same thing. I did wonder what they could have done, create a new polish remover container that was shaped for the toes? something flatter? something smaller? But no, it’s simpler than that they have only gone and revamped the original Magic Nail Polish remover and added a sponge in the lid. What a simple yet effective idea, I love the new colour too it’s now purple. The scent has stayed the same which is a sweet red fruit and vanilla aroma and the product itself is very moisturising on the nails, I had tried similar ‘dupes’ on the market before but they left my nails feeling very dry. 
A round of applause to Bourjois for stealing the show once again, I am off to buy mother one of each because I know she will love them!

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