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Ever wondered what it’s like to push around a 3 wheeler stroller? I have and today I’m going to share my thoughts with you on the Activ3 Stroller by Chicco. This 3 wheeler stroller, can be turned into a practical travel system and is suitable from birth, the more active parent has been kept in mind for this pushchair.  In the past I have tried strollers and pushchairs that have been quite hard to move and difficult on different surfaces, one thing that stood out for me about the Activ3 was the smooth ride.  It has a 2 position adjustable rear suspension making it easy to travel on any terrain and believe me we’ve tried it all. This pushchair has glided over sand, stones and cobbled streets and it’s gone rather well I have to admit. The Suspension really helped to keep Vinny comfortable rather than bumping and jiggling around, he rather enjoyed the ride. 
The next thing that stood out for me was the pure comfort Vinny had whilst sitting in the seat, I must admit until now I had Vinny still facing me in his old pushchair so I was a little nervous about turning him to the big wide world mainly because I worry he would get cold on these chillier days and I just like to see him all the time, and I found it was so much easier when he went to sleep facing me whilst we were out because again I could keep him warm and out of the wind. I put those worries aside and off we went, now here’s for the cool bits; the Activ3 has an extra large UV protected hood that comes down and covers Vinny completely, this is perfect for when he goes to sleep and there are also two windows you can look through both with flaps of material so you can cover them up also not letting in too much light when little one sleeps. When he sleeps there’s also a nifty button on the back which you can twist to lean him back into a rest/sleep position, it has four different positions including an adjustable leg rest so he can really kick back and relax! The 5 point safety harness keeps him safe and it’s also very easy to clip in, the extra padding keeps him comfortable and keeps me happy knowing he is safe. 
Lets talk storage because us mums love to shop and we always need somewhere to put our bags don’t we?! There is a large basket beneath the stroller, it has enough room for my changing bag and or some shopping bags, It’s not as big as my previous pram but it’s still a really good size. I love the attachment on the handle bar, it has space on either side for two drinks and in the centre a nice little pocket which fits my iPhone perfectly. I know it sounds silly but you don’t know how lovely it is to just be able to reach for my phone without having to rummage in my bag or have to wear it my back pocket, ahh the small things in life that make me happy. 

Finally I thought I’d mention the ease of putting this stroller up and down, I will mention it’s quite a heavy stroller and rather long but it is lighter than my other one so this did not bother me at all. The ease of how you put it up and down is just bliss! It’s so lovely to put up and down, literally all you need to do is push the button on the handle bar, twist in an pull the seat bar up to close or push the button and pull the handle bar towards you whilst pushing the seat down. Definitely much easier than I’m explaining sorry for making it sound complicated ha!
Overall we have really enjoyed using the Chicco Activ3, I’d highly recommend it if your quite an active family and if comfort is at the top of your list!
Have you tried the Chicco Activ3? Have you ever thought about getting an Active type stroller? 
 Chicco have been shortlisted in a number of categories in the Loved by Parents awards the Activ3 Stroller being one of them! Vote here! 
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