Furniture Makeover | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

As mentioned before everything I buy for my house recently is pretty neutral or white so this chest of draws was starting to really stand out for the wrong reasons. I had been umming and ahhing for quite a while whether to paint it or not mainly because it was oak, very expensive and well I’m not exactly a DIY queen but one day I was scrolling Instagram and the #anniesloan hashtag and wow I saw so fabulous transformations so whilst feeling inspired I decided to go for it. Today I want to share with you my experience with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan Wax.
So this was the chest of draws before I had touched it, pretty great condition apart from a few small marks where I had placed drinks without a coaster tut tut. I chose ASCP because I love the shabby chic look although I was a little unsure what look I was going for, a lot of images I had seen of this paint was either completely shabby chic or quite opaque and modern. The modern look was what I originally had in mind, I had thought this paint was going to completely cover this in two coats but I was wrong.
This is after one coat of ASCP, I had watered down the brush before applying the paint as I had heard it was the easiest way to apply it to avoid harsh brush strokes. I was a little alarmed when the first coat went on because it looked rather streaky and the water had diluted the paint quite a lot despite me not using that much water. I carried on and just thought to myself ‘it’s only the first coat’ so on I went with another coat and yet again I had quite a lot of brush stroke marks. I thought to myself once this dries it won’t look so bad, and it didn’t it actually looked really nice. My husband came and inspected and said to me ‘I thought you were going for a full on white opaque look’ which I was and despite liking how it already looked I decided to add a third and final coat, you can still see some of the wood underneath and that may be down to application but I really love it and the paint was really easy to work with not to mention super fast drying! All three coats were applied in the one evening, I then left it a few days and applied the wax.
When it was time for waxing I was a little nervous it would make the piece look darker, it did initially but once dried it was back to it’s normal brightness. The wax itself was easy to apply, I used the same Annie Sloan brush to do so and worked in straight strokes and circular motions to work the wax in before wiping it away with a soft cloth. Once waxed I still wasn’t 100% happy, I decided to remove the existing door knobs and replace them with some gorgeous crystal ones purchased off ebay, and I then decided that I wanted to distress the chest of drawers to make it look Shabby chic. I absolutely love the end result and think it has the right amount of glam vs shabby chic and it just looks perfect in my spare room/ beauty room. Next I shall be doing the same to the bed side table, I can’t wait for it to be complete so I can really enjoy them both.
Overall I’ve had a great experience with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax, I’ve learnt a lot along the way and despite the finish being different to how I imagined I actually love it even more and that fact that I did it all with my own hands makes it even more special and unique. It’s hard to show show gorgeous it is in photos, believe me when I say it’s even more fabulous in person.
Have you had a go at up cycling any of your old furniture before? I’d love to know how it went!

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