Phillips Sonicare Diamond White Toothbrush

I’ll admit it, I’m quite the gadget geek! I love finding new gimmicky products especially if they are there to benefit me. Today I’m talking to you about the award winning Phillips Diamond White electric toothbrush. I have been using an electric toothbrush for a few years now, I was always more of a manual toothbrush kinda girl until I gave in and gave the electric a go since then I’ve not gone back. I originally had an oral b one which had lasted me years but it was time for an update and this is it! 
Whats so special about this electric toothbrush? Let me tell you! This toothbrush doesn’t just have the one bog standard setting oh no, this in fact has five different settings which are all written and illuminated on the brush; Clean, Whiten, Gum Care, Polish and Sensitive. I have mine on the Sensitive setting because it’s powerful yet gentle, I feel rather professional whilst brushing my teeth now it literally feels like I’ve just had a polish at the dentist my teeth are left squeaky clean and uber fresh. It also has a 2 minute timer which is very clever and super handy and produces an impressive 31,000 brushstrokes a minute!  
Enough about the settings, now lets move on to charging this little beauty. We are not just going to sit this on a random plug charger oh no, we are going to place it in a rather chic glass and let it charge whilst it’s in there relaxing. Simply plug into a shaver point and let the glass to the magic! If you like to travel a lot then you’ll enjoy the gorgeous silver casing it comes with a USB charger which includes a mini USB slot placed on the outer edge, it’s super clever and the case itself fits everything you need including the toothbrush body and two brush heads. There are two brush head sizes available, I like to use the larger one because I feel it cleans my teeth better but the smaller one is fab and promises to deliver gentle and efficient cleaning. Finally the battery life on this toothbrush is very impressive, 3 weeks!!! I mean come on that is amazing, the power even at the end of the 3 weeks is still great, there is an indicator that changes from green to orange when you need to get charging. I just leave mine over night in that gorgeous glass and I’m ready the next day to give my pearly whites a clean again. 
Overall I am loving the Philips Diamond White Toothbrush, I will admit it is a rather expensive toothbrush and there may be cheaper alternatives out there but my smile is very important to me and i believe investing in something like this is important, not only will it last you years but it really does work to give you a brighter whiter smile in just a matter of weeks. A couple of my teeth tend to overlap making them much more prone to plaque build up no matter how much I floss and this toothbrush has got rid of a considerable amount of plaque and it’s now gone. I am feeling confident and happy again with my smile and it’s all down to this toothbrush. 
Have you invested in a fab electric toothbrush? Did you see a great difference in your teeth? 
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