Travel Grobag | Review

 Teapot Regatta Travel Grobag RRP £30.99*
Vinny is nearly 15 months old now and let me tell you one of our must have items have been the Grobag, a lot of people ask me if theres anything else they need before having baby and I’d say definily purchase one of these because they are a life saver. Mark and I have always been very paranoid parents when it comes to bed time so Vinny has very little in his bed, we have always been very wary of blankets, toys ect so when we heard about the Grobag we knew it was for us. Ever since Vinny was around 3 months he has slept in a Grobag, I have bought various other brands but we always come back to this one. The Quality is just amazing, it washes really well and is super soft we had a 3.5 tog for the winter which was super snuggly and kept little man nice and warm but with the Summer coming we’ve now got a 2.5 tog which is the one we are reviewing today.
The Teapot Regatta Travel Grobag has a rather fabulous sailing boats, umbrellas and teapots design making it feel rather british and it’s also rather neutral so would look great with your pushchair too, I say pushchair because it has been cleverly designed for travel. It works well with a 5 point harness pushchair or carseat so you can now take the safety of the Grobag on your travels too. I think this is such a great additional feature to the Grobag especially if little one has been napping in bed and you need to pop out mid nap you can just put them in the carseat/pushchair without too much fuss and they can get back to their napping. Ideal!
Some other great features on this Travel Grobag is the two way fastening zip on the front, it’s super easy to fasten and it also has a super soft jersey lining. If your a little worried about baby getting over heated whilst out travelling don’t be, the extra back vent will keep baby at the perfect temperature.
Overall we are loving the Travel Grobag, it really is a must have in our house and I’ve now got my eye on the 1 tog for warmer daytime naps!

Do you use a Grobag? When did you change to blankets and a duvet?

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