Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Duo

I’m going to put it straight out there, I absolutely love the products I’m about to tell you about. You all know I love a bit of fake tan I know I sound like a broken record but I do, however this past year I have definitely toned it down a lot and I use more medium coloured tans rather than uber dark and the reason for that is; one time, two the fade off and three I just enjoy the more natural look these days…. OK more natural compared to umpa loompa. As I like to use lighter tanning products I still use a normal self tan and kind of steer away from gradual based tans and moisturisers mainly because if I want a tan I want it there and then however I have come across a gorgeous product that I have actually fallen in love with and let me tell you why. 
First of all, I am very lazy when it comes to moisturising my skin I rarely moisturise I think it’s because I am always in a rush. Usually I shower at around 3pm in the afternoon, yes a rather odd time but it works for me. I haven’t got time first thing in the morning because I’m always sorting Vinny out and I like to feel fresh and normal for when Mark gets back from work. No husband wants to come back to a wife that ain’t looking fresh and trust me all morning when I’m home I am not looking fresh! So I have a shower in the afternoon, Vinny is always around so it’s a quick shower and I just want to get dressed asap and pop some sort of makeup on to look presentable hence the no time for moisturising, anyway enough of my shower routine I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all of that. I have tried the spray on Vaseline moisturiser which is nice but as I said I’m lazy so when I was sent the Elemis gradual self tanner I was a little meh, many bloggers had been tweeting pictures of it and It got me a little more excited so I thought I’d give it a go and it’s actually perfect and I am now getting my lazy self sorted! 
Why I love the Elemis Gradual Tanner? I love it because it’s sorting out my dry skin whilst giving me a gorgeous natural base. I tend to just tan the top half of my body so this is now evening that tan out and my legs are no longer ghost like, this gradual tanner pro longs my existing tan and can I just say it smells divine! A gorgeous floral scent that lingers on and on, now if your not a fan of strong floral scents then it might not be for you but that’s one thing I really enjoyed about applying this product because along with feeling fresh after my shower it added a nice aroma to my skin too. I can 100% tell you there is no fake tan smell and even the next day you can still get a hint of the floral scent on your skin which really is beautiful. The face tanner is also fabulous, very light and gradual but the scent in this is reduced a lot so if you have sensitive skin then it should be fine for you too. A great thing to know about the bronzing moisturiser is that it has been specially formulated with anti-oxidant rich green tea and ginger water for a more even skin tone and the Evodia fruit extract helps to keep your skin feel soft and smooth too. 
Both products work great and after one day your already left with a nice amount of colour, to really build it up apply it 2-3 days in a row for a more deeper colour that is natural and makes your skin glow, the chic white packaging is also to die for and would look amazing on any vanity. They are definitely a pricey duo but I’d definitely recommend them if your new to tanning and want something that is buildable yet natural looking. 
Have you tried Elemis Total Glow Products yet? I’m in love. 

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