Stokke Sleepi | Textiles Review

In my recent review of the Stokke Sleepi I mentioned I wanted to post about the textiles in a separate post so here we are today. I felt that the textiles needed a bit of their own love and attention because the collection is just so stunning. Obviously with making the choice of going with a Sleepi also means that you only have the Sleepi Textiles to choose from which may be a bit of a downer for some people, I think it’s nice that they have come up with such a simple yet chic collection both boy and girls. There are five colour combinations to choose from two that are pretty bold blue or pink and then three that are white, beige or a soft rose pink. We opted for the white because I just love how fresh and bright it looks against the white Sleepi crib. With the bedding being quite limited Stokke have given many options to have matching everything, from sheets to sleeping bags and even towels so despite there not being a huge amount of colour options they have still thought of everything and everyone.


The bedding itself is super soft and each piece has a tiny orange Stokke label on it which is understated elegance at its best. The quilted design looks super chic and is replicated across all bedding items, we have the bed linen, sheets, canopy, bumper for mini and Sleepi and the cover, the cover is super soft and snuggly it works on Stokke and normal cots and we even like to have it in our living room for snuggle time, it’s just gorgeous. The Stokke bumper is great, the bow design is such a lovely touch and it will even fit on standard cots I really think the bumper really makes the cot stand out and look so plush. Lastly I have to mention the canopy, I didn’t think I’d like a canopy so much for a boy but it just looks so nice and is a super light material, it flows beautifully and it doesn’t bother Vinny at all in fact he loves it!We adore the Stokke Sleepi textiles and if this was something you were worried about then don’t be, the range is fantastic and the quality is amazing as with all Stokke products.

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