The Brow Routine

Todays video is all about the brows, I thought I’d film a short video just to show how I fill and shape them. My bare brows are just a little sparse in areas and I’m also trying to grow them in the middle a little because when I was younger I did over pluck and over wax so they are a little uneven. My brows used to be uber thin and almost non existent so I am pretty happy with them now and I had them waxed yesterday so they are nice and tamed for you. I have my eyebrows waxed every 2-3 weeks at a salon, they wax in the normal areas such as beneath the brow and in between my eye brows and they also lightly wax the top of my eyebrows just to give a cleaner line. I know a lot of salons don’t recommend or do that but my salon do and I love the outcome whenever I have this done, the results are much cleaner and more perfected. 
I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful, this is the routine I’d use for a night out or when I want to wear a full make-up look. On a day to day basis I will just use the brow pencil and a clear brow gel to set in place. 
What are your favourite brow products? 
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