Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Eau Fraiche Fragrance

Fragrances are something I absolutely adore but tend to forget about buying these days, when I worked in a perfume shop I always had a new fragrance to wear and my favourites were fresh fruity scents and also heavier musky scents for winter. With it being Summer time I have a new fragrance to share with you that I have been loving and it’s from Roger & Gallet. I have never tried and Roger & Gallet fragrances up until now and I have to say this is beautiful.

The bottle was designed by Martin Szekely and has got that typical summer feel to it with vibrant reds and berry tones, it’s very sturdy and a dream to spritz. This is a 100ml bottle so you get a huge amount of fragrance for your money which is fantastic and it’s a great everyday scent too. The fragrance itself was inspired by a Stopover in Zanzibar and you can really tell once you smell it, pure vibrance and a powerful explosion of beautiful scents.
Roger & Gallet explain what the fragrance smells like…
Mysterious, spicy and addictive notes come together to create a colourful explosion. Fresh ginger is complemented by juicy mandarin and sparkling pomegranate notes.  Vibrant, joyful notes of ginger flower and mouth-watering lychee are combined with the indulgence of crystallised ginger.A captivating trail.
I wanted to include Roger & Gallets explanation because I’m not the best person to describe a scent but what I can say is that if your looking for a gorgeous new summer scent that feels fresh yet exotic then I’d give it a try it’s seriously gorgeous and has been my go to fragrance for everyday use for about a month now.

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