Top Toddler Holiday & Travel Essentials

Hi guys, as you know we went to Butlins recently and I promised to talk about our favourite items from the holiday that made our travels much easier. I think when travelling with a baby you instantly think you need the Earth and I’m not going to lie I did bring a lot of stuff and that was just for a 4 night stay, I can’t imagine how much I’d need to take for a two week holiday in fact I dread to think!

Time to pack
As mentioned when it comes to packing I don’t pack lightly but having an extra little person means that my large holdall wont quite hold clothes for Mark, Vinny and I. I mean I can barely fit Marks clothes in once I’ve sorted myself out, let’s just say his outfit choice is limited hehe. Having a separate bag for Vinny keeps me well organised and means that I can really think about what I need to take for him laying everything out first and neatly placing it into the bag. I absolutely love the mini suitcase we had for our trip to Butlins and I think Vinny did too, we used the Pink Lining Dinosaur Wheelie case. This wheelie case was the perfect size for our nearly week long stay, I managed to get around 10 outfits in there plus nightwear and swimwear! Vinny adored pulling along the little suitcase and I think he looked adorable doing so. I think it’s a really great way to get little ones excited about their upcoming holiday even if they don’t quite understand they are going yet, hopefully by bringing this out everytime we go away Vinny will start to associate it with holidays and it will really get him excited.

Time to sleep
Ah the dreaded sleep routine that get’s messed up when you go on holiday! I always worry when we go away that with Vinny being in such a different environment and not used to his surroundings that he will struggle to sleep and be unhappy but what made our lives much easier this holiday was the BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light. We have had a travel cot in the past which I thought was quite easy to put up but when putting it back down I found myself searching on YouTube how to do it and when your getting yourself ready and packing to leave your holiday the last thing you want to do is google ‘how do I put down this stupid thing down’ whilst in a rush and a stress so when we received this travel cot I was delighted with how easy it was to put both up and down. The simple design is chic yet practical, I was a little worried it would be small for Vinny as he is 17 months old and quite a tall boy but he still had room to roll about and sleep comfortably. Just so you know Vinny slept amazingly in this for the whole duration of the holiday, I think next time we go away I shall be buying the fitted sheet for the travel cot because I wouldn’t want to ruin it with the drool my boy creates after such a comfy nights sleep!

Lets go swimming
One thing we were most excited about doing on our holiday was visiting the huge pool Butlins had, they had a big area for tots and also an allocated time in the morning you could go where it would be extra quiet and your little ones could really enjoy all of the pool and environment. I feel quite bad because we haven’t really taken Vinny swimming that much but every time we do go he absolutely loves it so I must make more of an effort to take him, he absolutely loved it when we went and what made our swimming experience even better was the swimwear. When you take your baby swimming do you end up having to leave pretty sharpish because the pool is too cold or baby seems to be shivering? Well we have left the pool after around 10 minutes on many occasions because of this but not this time, we were able to stay in the pool for a whole hour because Vinny was wearing a Konfidence Babywarma suit. This swimsuit is made of neoprene which is wetsuit material keeping baby super warm and allows them to fully enjoy their swimming experience, it’s easy to put on and our favourite item of the whole trip. I’d highly recommend this suit if your looking for something for your baby especially younger ones because they get the coldest as they are doing the least. For bigger babies you should check out the Konfidence Float Suit, this suit comes in many different designs and provides adjustable buoyancy for your little one. Lastly when leaving the pool to keep Vinny as warm as possible we popped a Poncho Towel on him, he looked so cute in this. The poncho is super soft and it also has a hood to help dry little ones hair. Ideal for the beach or pool! 
I hope you enjoyed our top holiday essentials, I’d love to know what has worked great for you on holiday!

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