3 Fragrances You Need This AW

When the seasons change we all tend to switch up our makeup and beauty regimes but do you ever think about changing up your fragrances too? This is something I always do, I always love fruity floral scents for Summer, something pretty and light but when AW comes along I opt for slightly heavier more sensual scents. I have three new scents for you to feast your eyes on today which are going to be my go to scents this AW, ever since I tried them I fell in love and I think you will too. 
This new fragrance from Calvin Klein is the perfect everyday kind of scent, it’s a very sensual and desirable fragrance that has been designed for the everyday confident woman. The packaging is sleek and chic, it fits into the palm of your hand perfectly and looks very nice on my dresser . The notes in this fragrance is something I’m not used to and have to admit when I first smelt it I wondered if it was a unisex fragrance, once sprayed on to the skin and warmed up you get the most beautiful sexy smell you can definitely tell its a CK fragrance and on me the sandalwood/musk qualities really stand out which I love, there’s also an oriental feel to the perfume which is very different for me but wonderful too. Top notes; Salt, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, & White Pepper. Base notes; Sandalwood, Musk, & Cashmeran. Heart notes; Oris, Ambergris, Solar Accord
This is a fragrance I have always loved but never owned Stella McCartney has recently relaunched her signature fragrance Stella, this classic fragrance and if you haven’t smelt it you need to pop into your local store and give it a whirl. The packaging is a gorgeous plum glass bottle and gold accents, I absolutely love this fragrance, it has quite a heavy rose scent to it with a warm amber base such a perfect fragrance for those who love floral scents but really want to step it up for AW as it’s quite strong. This is a seriously long lasting fragrance that lingers on for hours and hours, I really adore how one spritz will go such a long way and it’s a fragrance I get many compliments on. 
Jimmy Choo | Stars
I thought I’d save the best until last and finally introduce you to my favourite of the three fragrance we have today. This is a limited edition fragrance from the one and only Jimmy Choo, this glitzy gorgeous perfume will be the perfect Christmas gift and trust me when you wear it you will feel a million dollars in it. It’s perfect for day or evening wear and smells divine, when I wore this for the first time my husband instantly asked me what I was wearing and complimented me on my choice of fragrance. I asked him to describe the scent to me as I couldn’t think of what I was smelling even though it smelt so good and he said it was like a creamy, intense kind of scent and I now get where he is coming from because it has notes such as toffee, orange and patchouli. Theres definitely a woody warmth to the fragrance making it that perfect Autumnal scent and I am totally in love. As mentioned this is a limited edition fragrance so I highly recommend snapping it up while you can, theres also a free gift when you purchase this on Fragrance Direct and we all love a free gift don’t we?! 
Do you like to switch up your fragrances as the Seasons change? What’s your current favourite? 

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