Benefit Majorette | #CHEEK2CHEEK TAG

Hello pretty ones, I hope your all well. I was recently sent some blush goodies by Benefit, the package contained one of my favourite Benefit Blushes, Sugarbomb and a new blush that has just been created by Benefit called Majorette. As you all know Benefit send the best packages and I am so lucky to receive them, inside the box along with all the other goodies there was a info card and on the back of it included a tag called #CHEEK2CHEEK so I thought it would be fun to do today and I also want to tell you a little about Majorette and my thoughts on the new product.
1. How do you apply Majorette? 
I like to apply this cream to powder blush by using my Zoeva cream blush brush, this brush picks up just enough product to apply to the cheeks and it blends beautifully on the skin. I also find that it works well if I want to build more colour and makes applying the blush more than once great, it works well and doesn’t take away any makeup I’ve already applied.
2. What Box O’Powder do you wear Majorette with? 
Well as mentioned I was kindly sent Sugarbomb in my surprise package, this blush has been working well with Majorette because they are similar tones but I don’t feel it’s essential as I have been mainly wearing Majorette alone because I find I can build up enough intensity with the one blush alone. It’s such a gorgeous colour.
3. What’s your top tip for beautiful cheeks? 
Always add a pretty blush to bring some life into your face, pretty flushed cheeks creates a youthful look and really makes you look healthy too. I’d also recommend applying a cream blush for that extra dewy glow.
4. What’s your cheekiest nail colour? 
Hmm I don’t own a huge amount of nail colours but I did actually apply a No7 shade the other day and it’s called Cheeky Chops! It’s a pretty coral pink shade that’s super gorgeous.
5. What’s the cheekiest thing you’ve done? 
I couldn’t really think of anything cheeky that I’ve done recently so I asked my husband…. he said there are many things one of which is that I’m a secret eater and often hubby leaves chocolate or sweets in the cupboard for when he gets home and when he goes to eat it its gone… thanks to me! I also make him lie on my side of the bed in the Winter to warm it up before I get in then make him move over to his cold side when I’m ready to get toasty!
6. Who’s the cheekiest person you know? 
Hands down my son Vinny, he is the cheekiest little monkey!
7. Who’s cheeks would you peak at if you could? 
Cheek, cheeks? Bradley Cooper!
8. What cheeky movie character do you most like? 
Austin Powers! Hilarious cheeky character.
9. Have you ever rubbed cheeks with a celebrity? 
Sadly no, although I did meet Mickey Norcross and a few other TOWIE cast members at my Hen do. Mickey actually treated me to a VIP Hen Night at the Sugarhut which I didn’t expect at all, I had an amazing time!
10. Your favourite cheeky song? (Basically a guilty pleasure)
Oh gosh I love all cheesy music I couldn’t pick just one but If I was singing at the Karaoke trust me I’d be singing the cheesiest song out there.
11. Who do you ‘Pass the Baton to’ (TAG)?
I tag you all!
I hope you enjoyed this tag, it was a pretty hard one to answer actually! If you haven’t tried Majorette yet I’d recommend checking it out. The new unique packaging is absolutely adorable and I love, love, love the colour, it also smells divine. You can wear this pretty pink/peach shade alone or as mentioned above with another blush of your choice for that extra va va voom. Definitely my favourite Benefit blush so far, the unique formula adds a pretty sheen to the skin leaving a gorgeous natural finish that is dewy and adds that instant healthy glow.
Have you tried Majorette yet?

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