Phillips Viva Collection Airfryer | Review

Lazy cook alert! If you know me you’ll know I’m not the best cook, I do try but I have to admit I’m quite lazy when it comes to learning new things so often stick to what I know. With Vinny eating solids now I definitely make more of a variety because I of course have to for his health but when I’m feeling like I can’t be bothered to cook for Mark and I in the evening I have been reaching for my new favourite kitchen appliance ever and that is the Phillips Viva Collection Airfryer*
So when you think of a fryer you probably instantly think of those deep fat fryers that your mum and dad used to cook your chips in? Just me then hehe! Deep fat fryers are definitely not the healthiest option and not the tastiest with grease everywhere and a nightmare to clean so when I was offered to try out the Airfryer I was a little apprehensive because this was the vision that instantly popped into my head however I have been so happy with this Airfryer I just have to share with you my thoughts today. 
The Phillips Viva Airfryer uses a unique rapid air technology which lets you fry with air making food crispy and flavoursome on the outside and gorgeous and tender on the inside. There is no need to add any oils if your using frozen foods but if your making fresh homemade chips for example you just need to add the tiniest amount of oil, and I’m talking tini tiny. This is a healthier way of frying and it is also easy to clean, safe and economical for every day use. 
The design itself is sleek and compact, there are two dials on the fryer; a time setting and heat setting.  I really love that you can put more than one food into the fryer at one time, for example chicken nuggets and chips. I like to set the time then half way though give the food a check and rustle about, once cooked you are left with grease free delicious foods. I have cooked all sorts in this fryer from chips to garlic bread and the results have been perfect every time, my oven is barely used these days because this is so much easier. No need to set the heat before using, simply pop your food in and go and if your a fan of baking too don’t worry because you can even bake foods!  
It’s definitely my husbands new favourite appliance and one we will get a lot of use out of, I’d highly recommend if you live in a small place and have limited kitchen space, this could easily replace an oven and I’d recommend if your just looking for something thats much quicker, easier and healthier to use. 10/10 from the Prideauxs!

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