Decor | Illuminated Cavas Review

More room decor for you today and a very stylish piece it is to! I’m all about creating a stylish yet practical room for Vinny and I have to say I adore this Illuminated Canvas* so much it provide enough light to become a night light and it also looks amazing. I have had so many compliments and questions asking where we got this beauty from so I thought I’d share today. 
This canvas is the perfect touch to Vinnys room, it’s from and they have a huge variety of canvases for little ones room, and your home. How does it light up you ask? Every picture has LED lights incorporated into the piece to illuminate the canvas. I love that the lights are a warm white rather than a cold white because I find it’s more cosy and inviting. The canvas just requires two AA batteries to operate and there is a small switch on the back that you turn on as and when you’d like the lights on, for us it’s more of a decorative piece but we love to turn it on just before bed when we have story time. 
As I mentioned there are a huge variety of canvases to choose from some of which you can personalise like we did or you can opt for a nice picture with the lights, I really love the new Christmas range as I am a little Coo Coo when it comes to Christmas decorations and I love to go all out, it’s a piece that is of such great quality you can get it out each year and create a gorgeous warm Chirstmassy vibe. 
Overall we are loving our Illuminated canvas from the Alphabet Range, the quality of the canvas is great and it looks amazing in Vinnys room. The price of this canvas is £55.95 which can be a little eye watering but for such a great piece of art I think totally worth it, you also get a great selection of colours to choose from in this style and it’s available in 2 different sizes.
Do you love adding that personal touch to your little ones room, what do you think of this? 
Illuminated Canvas currently have an End of line sale so I’d highly recommend checking that out to grab yourself a bargain! 

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