Family Plan 2015

We haven’t even passed Halloween yet but I know I can’t be the only one thinking about plans for 2015? Today I thought I’d share a few things we plan on doing next year, we have a few home improvements to do as I’m sure you’ll remember me mentioning. I think I mentioned we wanted to have out kitchen and garage conversion done by Christmas but with the quote taking so long to come though time has just passed us by and we can no longer get everything done before Christmas so first plan of 2015 is Garage/Kitchen conversion, our kitchen at the moment is pretty small and very dated so opening up that extra space is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to get cooking.. really I can’t. When I was watching the Great British Bake off a few weeks ago I kept saying to Mark ‘Ohh I can’t wait to get baking in our new kitchen!’ of course Mark is very excited for that so the sooner it’s done the better. I think I made quite a good decision leaving it until after Christmas because I want to make sure every little detail is just perfect.

Next up is another home improvement but I promise it does benefit the family and that is to have our garden done, it’s currently has a bit of rockery going on lot’s of steps and stones which isn’t the most practical for little Vinny. The garden itself is raised so limits Vinnys running around space hugely so we aim to flatten most of the garden out and we are going to lay some turf so Vinny can play football and all those other fab games boys like to play, we are also going to leave the top of the garden raised and have a patio area so we can all enjoy a nice family BBQ in the Summer and soak up the sun. Our garden is South facing so we always have the sun shining for most of the day so I can’t wait to really be able to enjoy it and get a lovely paddling pool out there for Vin to enjoy too.
Last but not least is ofcourse a family holiday, who doesn’t think of this every year? ¬†After visiting Butlins this year I actually think I have been converted to UK holidays, I never ever thought I’d say that and often Mark would joke with me every time I asked where we should go next year and he would say Cornwall and I always used to turn my nose up at the thought but now having Vinny I realise how much easier it is to travel in the UK and I actually like being closer to home so I think next year we may take a trip to Park Resorts or somewhere like that, the entertainment looks great there and that’s something that’s really important for our family as Vinny will be 2.5 nearly 3 so he will understand everything a lot more and he can really get involved in the activities. I really can’t wait to get planning and enjoy all of these things in 2015 especially the family holiday!
Have you started planning for 2015? What is top of your list?

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