How we got rid of the Dummy

Well I didn’t think I’d be writing this post any time soon and nor did I really plan to, Vinny is nearly 20 months old and has had a dummy ever since he was 4 weeks old he seemed pretty dependant on it at one point and I have to admit we did give it to him whenever we were out and a lot of the time when we were home just so he could have some chill time and relax however I did worry that he was getting to that age where he was starting to look like he was quite big to have a dummy and of course now he is starting to talk more I did feel it stopped him from chatting.

I thought that at about age two was where we’d start to wean him off the dummy and to be honest I did dread the thought, he was so dependant on it and if he couldn’t see it along with his ‘rab rab’ (toy rabbit) he’d ask for it and look everywhere. Around 4 weeks ago Vinny caught a cold at nursery, not surprising because most weeks he gets the sniffles after being at nursery but this time he had a cough too and was pretty bunged up which meant when he had his dummy it would make him gag and he couldn’t breath very well so he preferred to be without it. During the day time I’d hide his dummy from him after his mid morning nap and we continued that for a few days until I then took it away from him all day and just gave it to him at bed time he seemed fine with this but sometimes would ask about it randomly.
Once I noticed he was pretty comfortable without his dummy during the day and nap times I thought it was now the time to take it away at bed time too, we had been shopping one Saturday afternoon and Vinny lost his favourite rabbit toy which was another thing I dreaded! I did give him other toys when he had his rabbit to stop it being the only toy he could sleep with so it wasn’t too bad but he did again ask about it which made me feel sad. That night there was no ‘rab rab’ and there was no dummy… how was this going to go? I put him down and after about half an hour of rolling around and chatting to himself he eventually went to sleep and ever since that day we have said bye bye to his dummy and haven’t looked back!
It definitely takes Vinny longer to get to sleep these days but once he is asleep he is gone until the morning, I wasn’t looking forward to days out in town shopping without his dummy because quite often this kept him quiet and relaxed whilst in his pushchair but these days I just bring extra snacks and his juice and he is pretty happy. Another thing I have noticed since dropping the dummy is that Vinny has started to drop his morning nap, he can go a couple of days without a nap now but after a few days it starts to catch up on him and he needs his nap again. I don’t mind that he has dropped his nap because we can go out and do more and not have to worry about nap time but seriously I don’t know where he gets his energy from he runs around all day!

Your probably thinking this post wasn’t much help as it was so easy for us but I thought I’d just summarise a few things we did in top tips:

  • Take the dummy away at some of babies weakest moments so baby can learn to self settle and calm himself down. (Vinny was ill when he got rid of his dummy which was a time I thought he would most need it)
  • Be gradual with the transition, take the dummy away a few hours at a time during the day then eventually only let him have it for naps or bed time then get rid of it completely.
  • Hide or throw away all dummies when baby is able to be without it, you don’t want him finding it after all that hard work then crying for it again.
  • If he has any comfort toys give him those instead, and if he only has one comfort toy try introduce another one or two just in case he loses it one day.
I hope this was helpful in some way or another, I’d love to hear your stories.
How did your little one deal with saying bye bye to his dummy? Did you find it hard to wean him off it?

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