Nutri Baby | Baby Bullet | Review

Nutri Baby | Baby Bullet RRP £49.99*

You all know my obsession for Nutribullet is forever growing so when I was offered the opportunity to try the Baby Bullet of course I couldn’t refuse. I have used the original Nurtibullet to make foods and smoothies for Vinny but this is just a whole other ball game. 

The Baby Bullet is basically the perfect appliance to create healthy, natural foods for your baby and toddler it has been designed to create a weeks worth of baby food in a matter of minutes and wow does it do the job well. When Vinny was very young I weaned him on jars most of the time just because it was quick and easy and I guess I was pretty lazy with preparing foods I wasn’t sure he’d like so me being me stuck to what I knew and in the long run I think that was the wrong decision. Despite the hiccups in the beginning I am now giving Vinny a much wider variety of foods, tastes and textures and he is really beginning to enjoy them.

Whats so good about the Baby Bullet? Well first of all you get all the equipment you need to make a batch of foods which will last you the week so one preparation time and a weeks worth of meals which is absolutely fantastic. I really love the storage cups you get because they are not only fridge friendly but they also have date-dials on the lids so you know exactly how long they have been there for and how fresh they are. You also get two pop batch trays which are perfect for freezing foods and you can just pop out one or two servings as and when you need. I love the flexibility you get with this set because you can create a number of different foods from puddings to dinners and you can also create different textures from smooth to more lumpy textures.

The Set Includes
Power Base
Baby Blend Blade
Milling Blade
2 Short Cups
2 Pop Batch Trays with 2 Lids
6 Date-dial Storage Cups
2 Stay Fresh Resealable Lids
Tip Proof Tray
User Manual and Cookbook (A fantastic booklet that really gives great meal ideas for each baby stage and a huge amount of nutritional information)
Pocket Nutritionist
I currently use the ‘Pulse Technique’ which is a technique best used when baby is ready for chunkier more textured foods, with Vinny being 19 months old he is of course ready for most textures so I love to use this technique to create chunky soups and fruit dishes. I have also been using this to blend up vegetables because Vinny is not the biggest fan of vegetables so I like to blend these up and pop them into his pasta dishes, this makes life much easier for me making sure I get Vinny all the nutrients he needs without the tantrums we used to get. Vinny enjoys the new flavours and it’s a great way to introduce him to these tastes in the future he can try the vegetables as they are and he wont be so surprised or reluctant to try.

Overall we have absolutely loved the Baby Bullet, I think it’s a great appliance to have if your weaning baby or have a fussy toddler. You can create yummy dishes and even blend your own family meals so baby really feels a part of the family eating the same as mummy and daddy and gets all the nutrients he needs. Two thumbs up from the Prideauxs!!

How did you wean baby, did you make your own meals or stick to jars?

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