Sienna X | Q10 Bronzing Mousse Review

Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse £24.95*

It’s been a little while since I spoke tanning on my blog hasn’t it? If your a regular reader of Glambeautys you’ll know I am a fully qualified Spray Tan Technician although I don’t offer a spray tanning service from home anymore, I still ofcourse love to stay tanned and I’m always trying out new tanning products that are on the market and todays is from a brand I actually researched when looking for professional spray tanning solutions and kits. Sienna X is a brand most known for it’s spray tanning solution and services but they also have products you can use at home and newest to the family is the Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse, as you know mousses are my favourite type of tan so let me tell you how I got on. 
The packaging first of all is very swish, I love the gold exterior with that dash of pink.. I’m a girly girl at heart so pink and gold makes me very happy. I also noticed that the bottle is slightly larger than my usual tanning products, it contains 250ml of tan which is a great amount and will go such a long way with it being a mousse formula. The mousse formula itself is lovely, it comes out like a thick whipped cream texture and it also has a colour guide when applied to the skin. When I first applied this product to my skin I thought ‘wow look at the colour already!’ it was super brown, streak free and reminded me of my old spray tan days when I’d have an uber dark spray tan and instantly looked like I had been on holiday for two weeks so this excited me immensely. I have to admit this mousse is a little stickier than others I have tried and it does take a little longer for the tackiness to go but once it’s gone your left with a golden glow that doesn’t smell too bad either quite sweet in fact, the mousse contains many natural ingredients such as; blackcurrent, babassu and pomegranate. 
So whats been happening when I was the tan off? Ah the dreaded shower time after tanning, I always worry I’m going to wash all my tan away the day after application but this tan was still nicely in tact and once washed off I was left with a gorgeous golden glow that looked natural yet deep. I am very happy with this tan and shall continue to use it, the Vitamin E ingredient keeps my skin well moisturised and pro longs the tan, it lasts about 4-5 days before I need to top up which is about average for me and the Q10 anti-ageing ingredient can’t be bad either! 
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