Stokke Scoot Review | Upgraded 2014

Stokke is seriously one of my favourite baby brands ever, I have to say the quality and design of Stokke products is amazing and what I love the most is that they listen to their customers and change things as and when needed. Todays post features the new and upgraded Stokke Scoot, this is a stroller I’ve had my eye on for a while now because I adore the compact look of it and the overall design is fantastic. The Stokke Scoot is a stroller that has been designed for the modern on the go mum, this stroller folds down in one so no need to take the seat off and dismantle you also have the benefits of a large shopping basket and it’s also a very comfortable ride.

      New features on the updated Scoot

  • The chassis has been updated and it now has an angle adjustable handle
  • Foam Filled rubber tyres
  • 3 seating positions (New mid rest seating position)
  • More colour options to suit your personal style

My personal opinions on the new features is nothing but positive, I really love how the chassis now has an adjustable handle this means both my husband and I can push the stroller comfortably with just a click of two buttons to adjust to both of our heights. My favourite feature which may seem a little boring are the rubber tyres, these make pushing this stroller much easier and also makes it feel more expensive and more robust I guess. Sometimes I feel with plastic wheels they are a little more flimsy so the change to rubber tyres has made a huge difference in our choice of strollers these days, I have even put away my fold down umbrella stroller and have opted to keep this one in the car because it’s so easy to put up and down and it’s lovely and comfortable for Vinny.

The three seating positions are great, I love the mid rest position which is a new feature and a great addition I actually use it on mid rest most of the time because Vinny can easily fall asleep in this position and he seems very relaxed in it. Finally the colour options have been increased with the new Scoot, we went for All black just because I adore black strollers and it’s nice for boys or girls. Slate blue is also a new colour for the Scoot and this is a gorgeous combination of Melange and Blue which also comes with matching accessories, very elegant indeed.


We are not going to stop there with this review, I have accessories galore to share with you! Firstly lets just take a look at this amazing matching Changing Bag… isn’t it gorgeous. I’m a sucker for matching items so this is a must in my opinion but what I love the most is the ability to be able to attach the bag to the stroller it gives me more room for shopping and I don’t have to hang it off the handle which can be quite annoying, the position of the bag holder is great because you can access it easily and it just looks great too.

A parasol is essential in the Summer time, I have to admit the actual hood of this stroller is pretty amazing and comes over baby pretty far but for days you need to keep the sun out of babies eyes or just want some extra shade then this matching Parasol is fabulous, the parasol is easy to fix to the stroller and it’s also nice and big I even think I could get under there myself..move over Vinny! For mums on the go what better than a cup holder! I have never had a Cup Holder before and let me tell you this makes life much easier, I can finally have a coffee to go because lets face it, when you have a toddler you don’t get to sit in cafes anymore.. not in peace anyway!
The Scoot Soft Bag is essential if your looking to use this from Newborn.. yes you can use this stroller from the very beginning. The soft bag has been made to create a type of cocoon of snuggly warmth, it will keep your newborn warm, cosy and most importantly safe. This soft bag is so soft to touch and it comes in a whopping 10 colour choices, perfect for switching things up it’s available to buy separately and is something you’d need if your looking to use this from newborn. 

When you buy your Scoot you will ofcourse get a rain cover but what I also love is that you get a Mosquito net, how snazzy! I love the idea of this net because baby can still see but will still be prodected, it’s perfect for holidays I know in the UK we don’t really get that many bugs around but hey this is just an extra that I had to mention. I love the colour and the thought Stokke have put into it, thumbs up from me!


Finally I wanted to talk about how compact this is for such a spacious stroller, we have a Golf Plus and bought this because we do need quite a lot of boot space, the Stokke fits in nicely it still leaves enough room for shopping and extras which is great. I was worried about it fitting but was pleasantly surprised when it came to folding it down and placing it in the boot, as mentioned it’s super easy to fold down and as easy to put back up again which is a bonus!

Overall we are in love with our Stokke Scoot, I love the forward and parent facing position it’s easy to assemble and most importantly it’s comfortable for Vinny. I absolutely love pushing around my Stokke Scoot and did I mention I can also steer one handed! Amazing. 

Have you see this new version of the Scoot? What do you think?

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