Tommee Tippee | Baby Safety Reins

I can’t quite believe it’s the 1st October today, the weather has been great lately so Vinny and I have been enjoying it and making the most of it with lots of adventreous walks. Vinny absolutely adores being outside and going for walks but it got to the point where I needed to use something to control where he goes as he often likes to go the opposite direction mummy likes to go, we had used reins in the past when he was smaller and he disliked them a lot mainly due to lack of control and not being able to run away from me but I recently thought to myself it’s time to get them out again and get him used to them as the bigger he gets the less time he likes to spend in his pushchair often cutting our shopping trips down to a quick run around the shops and I didn’t want to have to rush all the time so having the extra flexibility for him to able to walk around is great. Now we spend much longer in the shops, in fact too long!
I had posted quite a few pictures of our walks on Instagram and often got asked what reins we were using so I thought it was about time I shared them with you and my thoughts. As you know I am a Tommee Tippee Brand Ambassador and I have kindly been sent a few products, the reins being one of them. I wasn’t actually aware that TT did reins as I associate the brand with bottles and feeding but they do in fact have a few extra handy products so I’d recommend having a little look on the site.
The Baby Safety Reins are really great, I really love the padded support you get on the straps it’s nice to know it’s not going to hurt Vinny if he were to tug and pull like he often likes to do, having that extra support makes me feel better and it’s nice and easy to pop on too, Vinny always stays still when he knows the reins are going on because he knows he will have lot’s of freedom to run around and enjoy the outside once they are on. I like the sleek black design, understated and unisex so something you can keep for your next baby or even pass on to a friend.
I’d highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Baby Safety Reins if your on the look out for some then definitely check them out!

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