5 Steps to Stay Motivated as a Blogger

I wrote a blog post a few months ago with 5 Steps to Improve your Blog, and I’ve also written other posts in the past with regards to photography tips and tricks so today I thought it would be nice to feature another 5 tips but this time it’s on how to stay motivated as a blogger. I have definitely had my fare share of bloggers block and losing my blogger mojo lately but I’m glad to say I have it back thanks to these steps! If your going through a bit of a tough time with your blog at the moment and need some help and advise I hope these help your though it and remember your not the only one. We all have days where we feel down about our blogs or we feel our blogs are good enough or we are creating great content, just remember there is someone out there enjoying what your doing. Be proud of what you’ve created and what you will continue to create, we all grow as bloggers and have lot’s to learn but just enjoy what your doing and lets get inspired!

Fresh new design
A new design is really what has made me feel motivated and ready for the new year, I was feeling like my blog was looking a bit drab so to perk myself and my bloggy up we got a fresh new design from Pipdig and it was money well spent it’s looking much more chic which is what I wanted, everything is now easy to navigate and I also made a few other changes. As you all know at the beginning of the year one of my new years resolutions was to create a second lifestyle and family blog, I did indeed do that however I felt this impacted Glambeautys quite a lot which made me feel sad, I kept both blogs for nearly a year but felt it was time for another change. I wasn’t able to feature as many posts on this blog due to having two to look after so I made the decision to merge them back into one and have everything on here including beauty, fashion, lifestyle and of course my little Vinny I hope you all enjoy my new layout and mix of posts as much as I enjoy writing them. I’ve had my new design for just over a week now and I’m feeling more motivated than ever and I’m so happy with how everything looks. 

When I was having my bloggers block and lack of mojo I ended up reading less and less blogs which made me feel out of the ‘loop’ shall we say. I wasn’t feeling inspired because I wasn’t reading anything to make me feel inspired, now that I’m feeling much better about everything I’ve been reading new blogs and discovering a whole new world. I used to generally keep my blog reading based around beauty, fashion or babies but I now find myself reading a much wider variety of blogs which not only I enjoy reading but also inspires me with new posts and just generally trying new things. Great places I’ve been finding new blogs are mainly on Pinterest and Bloglovin, it’s been so refreshing to sit down and read something new. 

Change the Subject
Following on from my last tip Discover, how about changing the subject. If your blog is mainly beauty based and you usually write reviews and favourites then why not add a lifestyle post here and there this will mix things up for you a little, keep you interested and I think it’s really nice for your readers to find out a little more about you as a person. I know some people don’t like to get too personal but you can just write about your day, share some new pictures or even just talk about somewhere you’ve been and enjoyed recently. You could also go down another route if your really not into lifestyle posts and add a DIY post, Home decor or even Food posts the lists are endless just try to think outside the box and do something different every now and again. I promise, you’ll enjoy it. 

Learn something New
It really is as simple as it sounds, by learning something new it will make you want to show it off to your readers and use whatever it is you’ve learnt to your advantage. You may want to improve your photography, you can play with different backgrounds or even just play around with the settings on your camera by doing this your not only improving your own skills but the quality of what you put on your blog. You could also learn basic HTML, if your like me and useless with anything technical then this could definitely be useful if you fancy having a change with your blog layout and design but don’t want to pay for a fresh new design, again once you’ve achieved something like this you will feel empowered and motivated you can then help others in need of some help and share your new found knowledge.  
Finally reminisce, remember why you started your blog in the first place the passion and the enjoyment you got and still do. It’s great to see how far you’ve come and improved, I always laugh when I read old posts or how I used to do things. It’s really nice to see just how much you’ve changed as a person and grown with your blog, I have made so many lovely friends though blogging I have not only improved as a person but I have now found a new confidence in myself that I never thought I would. For me blogging is a personal hobby I love and adore and that’s why I continue as I said we all have days when we think our blogs may not be as good as someone else’s or our photography isn’t amazing but we all learn and grow from our own mistakes and we also teach and inspire others. 
I hope you found this post helpful and if your feeling a little down about your blog or feel like giving up then please use these tips to your advantage and remember why you began, the passion, the enjoyment. I certainly feel better and I hope you do too. 

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