Bumble & Bumble Invisible Range

I mentioned in my latest YouTube video that I had recently stumbled upon a serious hair saviour, my hair as some of you may know is pretty dire at the moment as I haven’t had it cut or coloured in such a long time mainly due to lack of organisation and time. I’m quite sad I didn’t come across these products

sooner because ever since I tried them I must say they’ve given my locks a new lease of life, it was love at first sight. What are these miraculous products you ask? It’s the fabulous Bumble & Bumble Invisible range, I was  kindly given these to try from the team over at Steven & Laurent and I have been obsessed ever since.

The Shampoo and Conditioner smell seriously amazing, I’m a sucker for anything that smells good so it already had a thumbs up from me. They are both sulphate free which is something I never really looked for in a shampoo and conditioner but now knowing the benefits I will do in the future, sulphate free products are as mild as baby shampoos so if your like me and have quite a sensitive scalp then this is something you should take into consideration also. I’ve noticed since using this duo my scalp hasn’t been dry or itchy which is something I found quite hard to avoid up until now, it’s also great if you love to colour your hair because the mildness of these products won’t strip colour it will prolong it. The conditioner is my favourite of the two, it’s quite a thick texture almost a mask and it tames my hair beautifully!
Next up we have the Invisible Oil, this has been on my hair come rain or shine. I have been using this on my hair when it is damp just before blow drying and after straightening, it reduces frizz, detangles and most importantly strengthens. As I haven’t had my hair cut in over a year I seriously needed something to fix my hair, this has really given it the TLC it needed and smells incredible. Finally my favourite product of them all is the Invisible Oil Primer, this really is the show stopper it’s perfect for uber my dry, damaged hair and has really helped to make it feel nourished and soft again. This primer is an all rounder, it tames, detangles, softens, protects against heat and UV damage I mean really is there anything it can’t do? I’ve been spritzing this on my hair after it’s been washed, I will say you don’t need a huge amount because if you use too much it can end up feeling a little heavy or greasy. I just use a few sprays and I’m ready to go, my hair drys so much smoother these days even if I just blast dry it which is a miracle for my frizzy hair. It’s my go to product for soft smooth locks!

If you want to give these fab products a go you can buy the full sizes or check out this cute set, it includes the Invisible oil full size and a mini version of the shampoo and conditioner a great way to give these products a try. Thankyou to Steven & Laurent for gifting me these products check out their website here and don’t forget to like their Facebook page they are an amazing Hair salon based in North Devon so if your local I’d highly recommend giving the salon a visit. You can also buy all of the products reviewed today from the salon.

Have you tried anything from the Bumble & Bumble Range? I’d love to know what your favourite product is.

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