Christmas Decorative Lighting | On a Budget

I love Christmas so much and I always try to add decorations or nice touches to each and every room in my house some of these may feature simple lights and others may feature a Christmas tree, believe me if I could put a tree up in every room I would. Of course doing all of this could get pricey if you don’t act smart. You don’t need to buy everything from expensive places to create a great Christmas vibe so today I thought I’d share a couple of things with you that I will be doing this festive season to our home, this would be a great idea to add that Christmas vibe to your room if you still live at home also or if you live in a small flat or apartment.  
Lighting can come in many different forms, I want to share with you what and how these can change a feel of a room for you and give you some ideas for yourself. This is a simple one but buy adding twinkle lights to a clear vase or bowl can really add that Christmas touch in a matter of seconds, I think this a great touch all year round and love to use a warm white light to add that extra warmth to a room it certainty gives a cosy feel to the room with all the lights off, fire and candles on. Simple, cheap yet effective and chic. These LED lights were just £1.99 from and they are battery operated which is something to think about as you don’t want wires all over the place especially if you are looking to create a table centrepiece with it. 
Another great way to add that festive vibe to your home with lights is to use a decorative piece such as this Christmas Bonsai Tree, this is great for those that live in a small apartment or have a small living room and don’t have quite enough space for a large Christmas tree It’s definitely an elegant piece which again could be used all year round. 
These are just a couple of things I shall be doing decor wise this year, I can’t wait to show you everything else as I have a lot to fit in! 
Do you like to decorate your room with twinkle lights too?

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