Christmas Gift Idea | Cavendish Play Kitchen

GLTC | Cavendish Play Kitchen £95*
Ever since Vinny was a tiny baby he has always loved being in the kitchen, playing with the pots and pans and his own cutlery, he has always adored doing the ‘washing up’ with mummy too and loves the bubbles. Whenever we take him to soft play centres he always ends up running over to the play kitchen and ends up there most of the time so what better gift for other than his own kitchen! I was kindly send this Cavendish Play Kitchen from Great Little Trading Co. and I couldn’t wait to show Vinny, I was actually going to keep this for Christmas but once he saw it I simply couldn’t take it away, he is seriously obsessed with his new kitchen and I am too. 
This all wooden kitchen is the perfect addition to any play room or bedroom, the colours actually go really well in Vinnys room and I really like how it’s very unisex as a lot of the kitchens I see are pretty girly and not very boy friendly. The kitchen itself was super easy to put together, Mark managed to put it together by himself but I must admit it took a little longer than it could have done due to a little helper called Vinny wanting to play before it was even up!
I really adore the features on the kitchen there’s; a hob with clicking dials so it really feels realistic, a clock with wooden dials which is a favourite of Vinnys he adores clocks and is always turning the dial saying ‘tick tock, tick tock’ it’s so cute and it’s going to be great to teach him the time with it.  There’s also wooden salt and pepper pots, 3 wooden utensils and a shiny removable sink and as you can see in one of the images Vinny is doing the washing up! I love this so much, it’s so great to interact with him and get him involved in his own new toddler friendly kitchen.  
I think this would make such an amazing Christmas gift for any toddler this year, I really love the great design and the size is also perfect for any room size as it’s not too big and not too small either. I am definitely going to buy Vinny some extra accessories and kitchen bits for Christmas, you can get lots of little extras like a wooden pans set, a play food set and many more items. They are great additional items to buy if your going to get a kitchen for your little one and will honestly keep them entertained for hours. I keep Vinnys kitchen in his room and whenever we go up in the day it’s the first toy he goes to it’s definitely his favourite thing to play with in his room and I’m so glad because it’s such a great little Kitchen. 
If you have a little girl and want something a little more girly then you can also pick this up in pink, it’s rather fabulous if I say so myself! Click here to see the Portobello Kitchen especially made for little princesses. 
Have you thought about your little ones Christmas gifts yet? I think this would make a fab main present! 

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