How to | Accessorise your dream sofa

You’ve finally got your dream apartment, your dream living room and your dream furniture. Everything is beginning to fit into place but it’s missing that one thing: accessories. Whilst finally getting your dream sofa is one thing, finding the right way to compliment it with throws, cushions and varying accessories around the room can be difficult. If you’re stuck for a few ideas, here are some on us!
The number one thing to remember when it comes to sofa accessories is colour coordination: whilst there is certainly no need to go full on matching, combining a dark blue sofa with some lighter blue, maybe green accents can really enhance the depth of your interior design. When you’re thinking about sofa accessories, remember that creating colour coherence can not only bring a room together but it can also draw attention to your sofa, especially a brand new one.

If you have a G plan leather sofa, it can be easy to get in a rut of leather; thankfully, leather is one of the most versatile fabrics on the market. To avoid the monotonous tone of furniture, try incorporating a little texture into your accessories; a fluffy or furry cushion or perhaps an embroidered throw, will prevent your living space from becoming one smooth, similar surface without colour or texture, as well as bringing diversity to the space.
Interior design can be tricky at the best of times, especially when it comes to living rooms. It is often hard to come up with a theme or a colour to run throughout the entire room, but when it comes to furniture, it is imperative that you consider the theme at hand. For example, seaside cottages may wish to employ a nautical theme into the home and as a result will pick a pale blue, off white, or maybe crème sofa to enhance their living theme. Similarly, a monochrome house will look at entirely black or white furniture so as to fit with the desired aesthetic.
When picking out your next sofa be sure to keep in mind the overall theme of the interior and match the décor already in place.

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